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Russia fires nuclear-capable, anti-ship missiles in Sea of Japan during simulated attack

Russia's Defense Ministry announces it has launched a simulated attack in the Sea of Japan, which included two boats firing several nuclear-capable missiles.

Fox News - Top Stories - 42 minutes ago

Russia fires anti-ship missiles in Sea of Japan attack simulation

Target successfully hit by two Moskit cruise missiles, says spokesman

Irish Times - Top Stories - 1 hour ago

Russia-Ukraine war exposed human rights 'double standards'

Amnesty International publishes annual report highlighting the state of human rights in more than 150 countries.

Aljazeera - Top Stories - 1 hour ago

Russia fires supersonic missiles in Sea of Japan | War latest

The Russian navy has fired supersonic, anti-ship missiles at a mock target in the Sea of Japan, the country's defence ministry claimed this morning. Listen to a Daily podcast special on supersonic missiles as you scroll.

Sky News - Top Stories - 1 hour ago

Russia fires supersonic anti-ship missile in Sea of Japan

“As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, Russian forces are also becoming more active in the Far East, including Japan’s vicinities.”

Sydney Morning Herald - World - 2 hours ago

Bulgarian ammo to Ukraine could impact war

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Slovakia failing to inform the Commission about the country's progress regarding its climate and energy plan, Hungary's parliament finally ratifying Finland's NATO membership, and so much more.

Euractiv - Politics - 2 hours ago

Russia says it test-fired anti-ship missiles in Sea of Japan -- 28 Mar 05:32 AM

Japan's Defence Ministry had no immediate response.

NZ Herald - Top Stories - 2 hours ago

Russia test fires supersonic missiles at target in Sea of Japan

Missile ships of Russia’s Pacific Fleet fired Moskit cruise missiles at a mock enemy target in the Sea of Japan.

Aljazeera - Top Stories - 3 hours ago

Pictured: First British Challenger 2 tanks arrive in Ukraine

Arms from abroad welcomed by Kyiv as MoD praises courage of soldiers who have been training in Britain

Telegraph UK - World - 9 hours ago

Russia says it has test-fired missiles in the Sea of Japan

Russia’s Defense Ministry says Moscow has test-fired anti-ship missiles in the Sea of Japan.

Boston Globe - Top Stories - 4 hours ago

Russia Has 'Unique Weapons' That Can Destroy US, Putin's Ally Claims

Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of Russia's Security Council, warned that Moscow will respond in an event of a "threat to its existence."

International Business Times - World - 5 hours ago

Russia warns Armenia against siding with ICC after Putin arrest warrant: 'serious consequences'

Armenian's purported plans to become a member state of the ICC has enraged Russia, with one Foreign Ministry reported as saying there would be consequences.

Fox News - World - 7 hours ago

Germany sends much-awaited tanks to Ukraine

The first 18 of the cutting-edge tanks are sent, amid reports UK Challenger 2s have also arrived.

BBC News - World - 8 hours ago

Video 59 seconds - Orlando Bloom surprises children in Kyiv

The Lord of the Rings star, who is a goodwill ambassador for Unicef, also met President Zelensky.

BBC News - Entertainment - 8 hours ago

Zelenskiy To IAEA: Russia Holds Nuclear Plant Hostage

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy told the head of the U.N.

International Business Times - US News - 8 hours ago

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy meets with United Nations atomic agency chief in Ukraine

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with U.N. atomic energy chief Rafael Mariano Grossi in southern Ukraine on Mo...

Toronto Star - World - 9 hours ago

4 Illinois National Guard members get medals for weapons, medical training in Poland amid Ukraine war

Poland’s military has recognized and honored four members of the Illinois National Guard for training Polish troops to use American weapons amid the ongoing war in neighboring Ukraine.

Stars and Stripes - World - 9 hours ago

Russian missiles strikes kill two in east Ukraine city

SLOVIANSK, UKRAINE: Russian missiles punched through buildings in the eastern Ukrainian town of Sloviansk on Monday, killing two people in their cars and wounding more than 30, police said.A...

International The News - World - 10 hours ago

Video -- Bakhmut, Ukraine lies in ruins after Russian assault

The Ukrainian military says the battle for the eastern city of Bakhmut has 'stabilized' after a ferocious attack by Russia to recapture it. But the fighting has made it a wasteland.

CBC News - World - 11 hours ago

Russian Missiles Pound East Ukraine City, Killing Two, Wounding Dozens

Russian missiles pound east Ukraine city, killing two, wounding dozens

International Business Times - World - 13 hours ago

Russia Warns Armenia Against Allying With ICC After Putin Arrest Warrant - RIA

Russia has warned Armenia of "serious consequences" if it submits to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which has issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin, the RIA news agency reported on Monday.

International Business Times - World - 13 hours ago

UN must fend off Putin's latest nuclear threat, Ukraine says - March 26, 2023

Ukraine demanded Sunday that the U.N. Security Council hold an emergency meeting to deal with Russia’s threat to put tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, calling the plan “nuclear blackmail” by President Vladimir Putin.

New York Daily News - World - 14 hours ago

Putin ally says Russia has 'weapons capable of destroying any adversary, including the United States'

Russia Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said Monday that Moscow, if threatened, has "modern unique weapons capable of destroying any adversary, including the United States."

Fox News - World - 14 hours ago

First Look -- Ukraine calls on UN to counter Russia's 'nuclear blackmail'

President Vladimir Putin revealed plans to station nuclear weapons in Belarus, in response to Ukraine’s support from the West. Ukraine has asked for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council, calling on nations’ “special responsibility” in the war.

Christian Science Monitor - Top Stories - 14 hours ago

Ukraine criticizes UN human rights body

Kiev has dismissed the UN’s criticism of its alleged discriminatory treatment of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Russia Today - US News - 15 hours ago

Support for Ukraine waning – EU member president

Slovakian President Zuzana Caputova says support for Kiev is running out both materially and morally

Russia Today - Top Stories - 16 hours ago

Zelensky meets with U.N. atomic agency chief over Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant fears

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has met with the U.N.'s atomic energy agency chief in Zaporizhzhia, home to a large nuclear power plant.

Los Angeles Times - US News - 16 hours ago

Russia has weapons to destroy US, Patrushev warns

The Ukrainian governor of Donetsk says a child is among those wounded in Russia’s attack on the city centre.

Aljazeera - Top Stories - 16 hours ago

Why Ukraine Counteroffensive Push Could See Putin Accept Defeat—ISW

A counteroffensive could come "very soon," the head of Ukraine's ground forces said on Thursday.

Newsweek - Top Stories - 16 hours ago

Zelenskyy meets with UN atomic agency chief in Ukraine

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) — The U.N.'s atomic energy chief warned in a meeting Monday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that the perilous situation at Europe’s largest nuclear plant “

The Columbian - Top Stories - 17 hours ago

Where's all the Ukraine money going? This person can help find the truth

This week, the Senate will vote on my amendment to set up an inspector general to track every single taxpayer dollar going to Ukraine. Who could oppose that?

Fox News - World - 17 hours ago

What Russia Putting Nuclear Weapons in Belarus Means for the U.S.

Putin "has really thrown away another ace card," one expert told Newsweek.

Newsweek - World - 17 hours ago

Rep. Michael McCaul: China and Russia in 'unholy alliance'

The top House Republican on foreign policy warns that China and Russia have formed an "unholy alliance" against the United States and that the Biden administration is failing to deter aggres

Washington Times - World - 17 hours ago

Zelenskyy meets with U.N. atomic agency chief in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met Monday with U.N. atomic energy chief Rafael Mariano Grossi in southern Ukraine where they discussed the precarious situation at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Pow

Washington Times - World - 18 hours ago

Ukraine Demands Emergency UN Meeting over Putin Nuclear Plan

One Ukrainian official said Russia "took Belarus as a nuclear hostage.” - US News - 18 hours ago

From the Editors -- An American's daily art prayers for Ukraine

The daily exercise has also had an impact on the painter. On a deeper level, for the first time that she can remember, she’s praying every day.

Christian Science Monitor - Top Stories - 20 hours ago

Russia launches a new campaign to try to entice men to fight in Ukraine

A new drive is underway across Russia this spring seeking volunteers to join the military and replenish Moscow's troops for the war in Ukraine.

Los Angeles Times - World - 20 hours ago

Russia Could Seek Compensation Over Nord Stream Sabotage

A senior Russian diplomat has said that Russia may raise the issue of compensation for damages as a result of the Nord Stream explosions. - Business - 22 hours ago

Russia may host talks with Türkiye, Iran, Syria in April: Moscow

The quadrilateral talks between the deputy foreign ministers of Türkiye, Russia, Iran and Syria may take place in Moscow in early April, Russian Deputy...

Daily Sabah - Politics - 22 hours ago

Russia-Iran-Syria-Turkey diplomats meeting to be held soon

TEHRAN, Mar. 27 (MNA) – A meeting among the deputy foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria will be held in the near future, Russian Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister said.

Mehr News Agency - Politics - 22 hours ago

De-dollarization being forced on Russia – Putin

Western sanctions are forcing Moscow to turn away from the US dollar, Vladimir Putin has said

Russia Today - Business - 22 hours ago

How Russia has changed a year after the invasion of Ukraine

Local politics has been put on the back burner, civil society is in shambles and opposition media is trying to reach Russians while in exile

Global Voices - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Russia stirs outrage with plan for tactical nukes in Belarus; Ukrainian town now 'post-apocalyptic'

Russia provoked outrage with its plan to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, as announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin over the weekend.

CNBC - Politics - 1 day ago

Ukraine forces can 'break through' Russian defences in counter-attacks

Ukrainian forces can break through Russian defences in counter-offensives in coming months, military experts said on Monday.

Evening Standard - World - 1 day ago

Trump Promises To 'Prevent World War 3,' End Russia-Ukraine War In 24 Hours

Former President Donald Trump made the promises during his first 2024 campaign rally in Texas.

International Business Times - Top Stories - 1 day ago

John Ratcliffe: China-Russia partnership should raise concerns for the US

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe weighs in Russia and China signing an agreement to deepen their economic ties and what it means for the United States on 'Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy.'

Fox News - World - 1 day ago

Reporter's Notebook: China and Russia — 'friends of necessity'

Washington Examiner Defense Reporter Mike Brest joins Jim Antle to discuss Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and what it means for the West.

Washington Examiner - Politics - 1 day ago

Russia blames Ukraine for drone blast far from border

Russian authorities blamed a Ukrainian drone for an explosion deep inside the country that wounded three people, including a 16-year-old girl.

Euronews - World - 1 day ago

Fyodor Lukyanov: What you need to know about Russia-China relations, but were afraid to ask

Russia’s top foreign policy expert answers four key questions about the growing partnership

Russia Today - US News - 1 day ago

Kane extends England goals record in 2-0 win against Ukraine

Harry Kane’s golden touch continued for England as he struck a record-extending 55th... - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Harry Kane's golden touch continued for England in 2-0 win against Ukraine

Strikes for record-extending 55th goal after surpassing Wayne Rooney as the Three Lions' outright leading scorer on Thursday.

Boston Globe - Sports - 1 day ago

China, Russia top list of states with largest trade surplus

TEHRAN, Mar. 26 (MNA) – China and Russia became the world leaders in trade surplus last year, according to a sturdy.

Mehr News Agency - Business - 1 day ago

Ukraine calls for UN action over nuclear weapon deployment in Belarus

Ukraine has called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations’ Security Council over Russia’s announcement that it would station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Euronews - World - 1 day ago

Ukraine Demands Emergency U.N. Meeting Over Putin Nuclear Plan

Ukraine says the Security Council must “counter the Kremlin’s nuclear blackmail” after Russia revealed plans to station tactical atomic weapons in Belarus.

Huffington Post - World - 1 day ago

China and Russia top list of states with largest trade surplus – study

China and Russia saw trade surplus grow to record highs last year on soaring exports, RIA Novosti’s calculations show

Russia Today - Business - 1 day ago

Ukraine blasts Russian plan to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus

Ukraine has slammed Russian plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, claiming it was being taken hostage by Moscow. A top...

Daily Sabah - Top Stories - 1 day ago

A Muslim minority loyal to Ukraine bears the brunt of Russia's crackdown in Crimea

The Tatars consider the peninsula their historic homeland and made up 12 percent of the area’s population of 2 million before Moscow illegally annexed it nine years ago.

NBC News - World - 1 day ago

Russia 'largely stalled' in Bakhmut, shifting focus, UK says

The top commander of Ukraine’s military says his forces are pushing back against Russian troops in the long and grinding battle for the town of Bakhmut. British military intelligence published on …

Bay to Bay News - World - 2 days ago

WWIII Watch: Vladimir Putin Announces Russia Will Station Tactical Nukes in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday he would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighbour and ally Belarus.

Breitbart - World - 2 days ago

Putin: Russia will station nuclear weapons in Belarus

Move would be first time Moscow has stationed nuclear weapons outside Russia since mid-1990s

Evening Standard - World - 2 days ago

The war in Ukraine and undoing of Cold War-era arms control, means Germany's nuclear balancing act is under pressure.

Germany is not a nuclear power, but it is part of US nuclear strategy. As arms control treaties between the US and Russia come undone, Germany faces a more clear and present nuclear danger.

Deutsche Welle - Top Stories - 2 days ago

Russia mocks Prince William after his visit to the Poland-Ukraine border

Russia has mocked Prince William after his recent visit to the Poland-Ukraine border. The Prince of Wales secretly visited the border where he expressed gratitude toward the troops for ...

International The News - World - 3 days ago

More Britons urged to host refugees on Homes for Ukraine anniversary

Charities warn they are ‘constantly fire-fighting’ elements of scheme ‘riddled with flaws’ in its first 12 months

Independent UK - World - 3 days ago

Putin and Xi's meeting left them both stuck in the mud of the disastrous Ukraine war -- Roger Garside -- March 23, 2023

Russia has become an economic colony of China, forced to sell its raw materials at a discount

The Globe and Mail - Opinion - 3 days ago

Figure skaters fleeing Russia as Ukraine war rages on

Figure skating has been Russia's pride for decades if not centuries. But faced with bans from international competitions, young Russian skating talents are leaving the country in search of a better future.

Deutsche Welle - Sports - 3 days ago

Russia warns of nuclear retaliation if Ukraine tries to seize Crimea

Dmitry Medvedev, who is currently the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said Russia is prepared to use “absolutely any weapon” in the event of an attack on Crimea

Evening Standard - World - 3 days ago

Russia-China gas megadeal 'at final stages' – official

A deal on the Power of Siberia 2 project between Russia and China will be reached this year, according to Deputy PM Aleksandr Novak

Russia Today - Business - 3 days ago

10 civilians killed, 20 wounded in Russian strikes across Ukraine

At least 10 people were killed and 20 others wounded in Russian long-range strikes across Ukraine on Friday, Ukraine’s presidential office said. The...

Daily Sabah - World - 3 days ago

March 23, 2023 - Russia-Ukraine news

Russian forces are depleted in Bakhmut and a Ukrainian counter-offensive could soon be launched, one of Kyiv's top generals said, raising the prospect of an unlikely turnaround in the besieged city.

CNN - World - 3 days ago

Viktor Orbán has used the war in Ukraine to advance his own interests

Viktor Orbán’s critics often portray him as a Kremlin pawn. The reality is more complex: Orbán always pursues his own political game, Zsuzsanna Szelényi writes.

Euronews - Top Stories - 3 days ago

Finland Defence Minister Rejects Ukraine Request for Fighter Jets

Finland's Defence Minister has indicated that Ukraine has approached Finland for fighter jets in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

Breitbart - World - 3 days ago

Ukraine prepares counteroffensive as Russia's assault on Bakhmut flags

Ukrainian troops, on the defensive for months, will soon counterattack as Russia's offensive looks to be faltering, a commander said, but President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that without a faster supply of arms the war could last years.

Euractiv - World - 4 days ago

EU, UN chief discuss Ukraine war, food security and sanctions

European Union leaders held talks on Thursday (23 March) with UN chief Antonio Guterres on global food security and sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, and also endorsed a plan to supply more artillery shells to Kyiv.

Euractiv - World - 4 days ago

Russia can't meet India arms deliveries due to Ukraine war, Indian Air Force says

Russia is unable to honor its arms delivery commitments to India because of the war in Ukraine, the Indian Air Force (IAF) said, placing a potential strain on New Delhi's relationship with its largest defense supplier as Moscow attempts to ramp up weapons production.

CNN - World - 4 days ago

DeSantis Clarifies Position on Ukraine War, Calls Putin 'War Criminal' -- The Florida governor and expected Republican presidential candidate had been criticized for calling the Russian invasion a 'territorial dispute'

The Florida governor and expected Republican presidential candidate had been criticized for calling the Russian invasion a ‘territorial dispute’

Voice of America - Politics - 4 days ago

Letters: China and Russia are threatening the democratic order

There is a bigger picture in which freedom and democracy in the world have been retreating for a couple of decades.

Chicago Tribune - Opinion - 4 days ago

Doping ban on Russia lifted but war keeps athletes away

World Athletics (WA) Thursday lifted its eight-year ban on the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) for state-sponsored doping, yet the country's...

Daily Sabah - Top Stories - 4 days ago

Yevgeny Prigohzin's Wagner group to 'refocus' on Africa after failures in Ukraine

The mercenary group has repeatedly blamed Moscow for failing to keep them supplied with ammunition and manpower

Telegraph UK - World - 4 days ago

DeSantis's Trumpy Foreign Policy Goes Deeper Than Ukraine

He can fine-tune his message on Putin, but DeSantis is still a Jacksonian like Trump. That won’t go over well with old-school Reagan-Bush Republicans.

New York Magazine - Politics - 4 days ago

Ukraine needs our strong support, not DeSantis' weak rhetoric | Editorial

Gov. Ron DeSantis veers to the far right once again, staking out an isolationist position in opposing the U.S. mission in Ukraine.

Orlando Sentinel - Opinion - 4 days ago

China's liaisons with Russia are fueling an awkward split among European leaders

China's relationship with Russia is causing unease and division in the European Union.

CNBC - World - 4 days ago

Ukraine signals counterattack to come 'very soon' as Wagner mercenaries suffer large losses

Ukraine is recovering from a barrage of missile and drone strikes unleashed on the country Wednesday after China's Xi Jinping left Moscow following talks.

CNBC - Politics - 4 days ago

Central Asians fighting in Ukraine are both defending and attacking it

The authorities in Central Asia have issued stern warnings to their citizens not to fight in Ukraine, threatening lengthy prison sentences for participating in armed conflicts abroad as mercenaries.

Global Voices - Top Stories - 4 days ago

China yet to provide military aid to Russia for Ukraine war: Blinken

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday China had not yet provided Russia with military aid for the Ukraine war and brushed off...

Daily Sabah - World - 4 days ago

Fyodor Lukyanov: Here's the real reason why Russia and China want to replace the US-led international order

The two powers share the same goal, but circumstance dictates they have to take different roads to make it happen

Russia Today - US News - 4 days ago

Russia moves 1950s Soviet-era tanks out of storage

Mothballed military equipment could be rolling back into action, says think tank

Evening Standard - World - 4 days ago

DeSantis's Ukraine U-turn could hand victory to Putin -- Max Boot

Governor Ron DeSantis has been widely and rightly criticised – including by prominent members of his own party – for dismissing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “territorial dispute” of little concern to the United States. - World - 4 days ago

Has war in Ukraine sealed the bond between Russia and China? -- Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin's summit in Moscow was nominally meant to be about bringing peace to Ukraine. But it appears to have strengthened the countries' partnership against the West.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s summit in Moscow was nominally meant to be about bringing peace to Ukraine. But it appears to have strengthened the countries’ partnership against the West.

Christian Science Monitor - World - 5 days ago

Prince William shows support for Ukraine with surprise visit to Poland

“I want to pay tribute to the inspiring humanity of the Polish people. You have opened your hearts as much as your homes,” William said.

New York Daily News - World - 5 days ago

Survey: Half of Likely Voters Say Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Has Made U.S. National Security 'Worse'

Americans have mixed feelings on how Russia's invasion of Ukraine is affecting U.S. national security a Rasmussen Reports survey found.

Breitbart - World - 5 days ago

Ukraine hit with deadly strikes after China's Xi leaves Moscow; Zelenskyy visits frontline city Bakhmut

Chinese President Xi Jinping left Moscow on Wednesday morning after a three-day visit to the Russian capital that produced mixed results for the allies.

CNBC - Politics - 5 days ago

Opinion: Xi's Visit To Russia And The Takeaways For India

This visit by Xi - his first foreign foray after taking over as the Chinese President for an unprecedented third term - was more about underscoring the tightening bond between the world's two most powerful dictatorships.

NDTV - Opinion - 5 days ago

Putin's claim UK is sending nuclear arms to Ukraine 'bonkers' – expert

‘There is no way that you could create a nuclear explosion with depleted uranium’

Independent UK - Politics - 5 days ago

Russia Will 'Respond Accordingly', Threatens Putin, After UK Announces Depleted Uranium Rounds For Ukraine

The EU is sending a million shells to Ukraine at a marked-up price of $2bn, meanwhile, the UK confirms depleted uranium anti-tank rounds.

Breitbart - World - 5 days ago

Snap Insight: Did Xi Jinping get what he wanted from Vladimir Putin in Russia visit?

Chinese President Xi Jinping can position himself as a peacemaker after state visit to Russia. It fits into Xi’s ambitions for his legacy, says political observer Bo Zhiyue.

Channel NewsAsia - Opinion - 6 days ago

As Ukraine war drags on, NATO steps up war readiness

As war in Ukraine goes on, the more urgently NATO commanders view the issue of readiness for any potential widening of the conflict.

Christian Science Monitor - Top Stories - 6 days ago

Timofey Bordachev: Why the West's standoff with Russia and China is a big opportunity for the world's second-tier powers

With the US distracted by its attempts to “contain” Moscow and Beijing, other players have a window of freedom

Russia Today - US News - 6 days ago

Xi To Discuss China's Peace Plan For Ukraine During Moscow Meeting With Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have commenced talks in Moscow amid concerns over Putin's international isolation due to the Ukraine War. - World - 6 days ago

Nothing comes for free: What China hopes to gain in return for helping Russia

Analysts are questioning what price China could extract from Russia in return for supporting it during its time of vulnerability.

CNBC - World - 6 days ago

The Russia-China relationship explained

China and Russia say their friendship has 'no limits' - and since the war in Ukraine, they appear to have been getting closer.

Sky News - Top Stories - 7 days ago

Is Vladimir Putin desperate enough to let China's Xi Jinping get his way over Ukraine war?

Outwardly the summit in Moscow between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping is an attempt to send a strong signal to the West that the “partnership without limits” agreement – signed between the two men at the Beijing Winter Olympics on the eve of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 – is still just that. - Opinion - 7 days ago

LEONARD GREENE: 20 years after Iraq, Ukraine shows 'just wars' are still brutal affairs

It was about this time 20 years ago that I boarded a commercial flight for the first leg of an unforgettable trip to Iraq to cover a brutal war that had just started under the falsest of pretenses.

New York Daily News - Opinion - 9 days ago

Art historians debate identity of iconic Mariupol painter

Arkhyp Kuindzhi is a revered artist who was born in the Russian empire. He was from Mariupol, which is now part of the modern Ukrainian state, sparking a debate among art historians: Should he be

PRI - Entertainment - 10 days ago

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin on alleged Ukraine war crimes

Putin arrest warrant: The International Criminal Court issues warrant for Russian president, alleging the abductions of children from Ukraine.

Los Angeles Times - World - 10 days ago

Snap Insight: Xi's visit to Moscow won't bring peace to Ukraine nor support for Russia

The possibility of Chinese aid will be the subtext of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, says Robert Kelly.

Channel NewsAsia - Opinion - 10 days ago

A Nightmarish New Report Has Detailed Russia's War Crimes In Ukraine

A new UN-backed report released Thursday found Russia has committed war crimes and likely crimes against humanity during its yearlong invasion of Ukraine.

BuzzFeed News - World - 11 days ago

DeSantis's Ukraine Stance Could Blow Up His 2024 Strategy

By going America First on Ukraine, the Florida governor is alienating the anti-Trump Republicans he needs to beat the former president.

New York Magazine - Politics - 11 days ago

America Must Plan for a Stalemate in Ukraine

The odds of a total Ukrainian victory look increasingly slim.

New York Magazine - Politics - 11 days ago

Türkiye's elections crucial for US before operation against Russia

Washington is waiting for the Turkish opposition bloc, which has promised to unconditionally support its policies in Russia and the region, to come to...

Daily Sabah - Opinion - 12 days ago

Pentagon Unsure It Can Recover Drone Downed by Russia -- Milley voiced skepticism that pieces of the drone, which was apparently bumped by the Russian jet after being doused in fuel...

Milley voiced skepticism that pieces of the drone, which was apparently bumped by the Russian jet after being doused in fuel, would be retrieved. - Technology - 12 days ago

China has weapons to give Russia an edge in Ukraine – why hasn't it?

China’s growing military relationship with Russia gives it the potential to tip the scales in Ukraine. As they weigh whether to help their northern ally, Chinese leaders are looking east – to the United States and Taiwan.

Christian Science Monitor - Top Stories - 12 days ago

Relations Sour Between China And Russia As Ukraine War Continues

China is closely monitoring and adjusting the relationship between Russia and itself in order to maintain stability as tensions mount between Russia and Ukraine. - World - 12 days ago

Saudi Aramco Benefits From Ukraine War, Posts 'Record' $161 Billion Profit

An expert said Saudi Aramco's historic profit is unsurprising given that the previous year saw higher energy prices exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine war.

International Business Times - World - 15 days ago

Head of Russian mercenary Wagner Group to run in Ukraine polls

Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who leads the Wagner mercenary group, said he plans to run for president in the 2024 elections. 'I'm making a...

Daily Sabah - World - 16 days ago

Athletes in Ukraine strive for Olympic gold

As Ukrainian athletes train for the Summer Olympics next year in Paris, it is unclear whether or not Russian athletes will be allowed to compete in the Games.

PRI - Sports - 17 days ago

Russia gets shrugs in India; outrage over Ukraine war isn't universal -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made headlines over the weekend when his claim the Ukraine war was "launched against" Russia provoked laughter from the audience during a forum in India.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made headlines over the weekend when his claim the Ukraine war was "launched against" Russia provoked laughter from the audience during a forum in India.

UPI - Opinion - 17 days ago

WHO warns of lack of rehabilitative care in Ukraine

Ukraine is in urgent need of more rehabilitation care centres, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said at a conference on Tuesday (7 March) as conflict and civilian casualties reach into the thousands.

Euractiv - Health - 19 days ago

'We lost everything': African students who fled war in Ukraine continue to struggle

By and large, many African countries have stayed on the sidelines of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As major importers of wheat and fertilizers from the two warring nations, they are reluctant to

PRI - Entertainment - 21 days ago

Israel helps Germany prepare hospitals for missile attacks amid Ukraine war

Simulations set up during training based on the scenario of a possible strike on the German capital from Russia's Kaliningrad

YNET News - Science - 21 days ago

Germany Warns China Of 'Consequences' If It Sends Russia Weapons

Despite China's assurance that it doesn't plan to send lethal aid to Russia, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said they would continue to monitor the situation.

International Business Times - World - 22 days ago

Cities Show Solidarity for Ukraine During War Anniversary

One year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. To date, about 100,000 Ukrainian troops and 8,000 civilians have been killed, while 200,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded. Whole cities have been devastated.

Inside Edition - Politics - 1 month ago

War in Ukraine Accelerates Global Drive Toward Killer Robots

"As casualties mount in Ukraine, so does the pressure to achieve decisive battlefield advantages with fully autonomous weapons." - Opinion - 1 month ago

President Biden Visits Ukraine: Details Behind Secret Trip to Kyiv

There was no hint of the drama to come when the president was seen enjoying a date night with the first lady at a DC restaurant Saturday night. Eight hours later at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning, President Biden slipped out of the White House.

Inside Edition - Politics - 1 month ago

President Biden Secretly Visits Ukraine

The extraordinary planning that went into President Biden's secret trip to Ukraine is emerging. The president took off on an Air Force jet flying to Poland at 4:15 a.m. with two reporters sworn to secrecy and three aides.

Inside Edition - Politics - 1 month ago

Vice President Kamala Harris says Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, the vice president said the international community has both a moral and a strategic interest in pursuing those crimes.

Los Angeles Times - Politics - 1 month ago

First Look -- After a year of war in Ukraine, global economies show resilience -- It's been almost exactly a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the world has seen the effects of it through inflation and economic uncertainty. But one thing proves clear – it could have been worse. Many economies are proving surprisingly resilient.

It’s been almost exactly a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the world has seen the effects of it through inflation and economic uncertainty. But one thing proves clear – it could have been worse. Many economies are proving surprisingly resilient.

Christian Science Monitor - Business - 1 month ago

Americans in Russia May Be Forced to Fight in Ukraine, US Says

The United States told all U.S. citizens to depart Russia "immediately" to avoid arbitrary arrest and forced military service in Ukraine.

Inside Edition - Politics - 1 month ago

Captain of Israeli soccer team says Russia 'less racist than Israel'

Eli Dasa, first Israeli of Ethiopian descent to captain country's soccer team, tells Ynet about criticism leveled at him over move to FC Dynamo Moscow amid war in Ukraine; 'In Israel, people hate to see others succeed,' he says

YNET News - Sports - 1 month ago

IOC president blasts Ukraine – media

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Back has reportedly urged Kiev against calls to boycott the Paris 2024 Games

Russia Today - Sports - 1 month ago

Can Biden Keep Sending Ukraine Weapons Without Provoking Russia?

The Biden administration announced last week that the U.S. will provide 31 Abrams M-1 tanks to Ukraine, and Germany said it will send 14 of its Leopard tanks to Kyiv. - Opinion - 1 month ago

Russia and Belarus may be permitted to send neutral delegations to the 2024 Olympics

Ukraine’s Sports Minister Vadim Guttsait says his country might boycott the Paris Olympics next year if Russia and Belarus are granted entry

Russia Today - Sports - 2 months ago

Putin's Ukraine Folly Enables Kremlin Rivals

As we near the one-year anniversary of Russia’s all-out assault on Ukraine, the political fractures inside Russia are on public display - Opinion - 2 months ago

Russia risks causing new year IT worker flight with remote work law

Legislation is being mooted for early next year that could ban remote working for some professions.

Euronews - Business - 2 months ago

Russia says 63 soldiers killed by Ukrainian strike in Donetsk region

Local vocational college hit by U.S.-made HIMARS rockets at around midnight, as people in the region celebrated the start of the New Year; local source says dead in the hundreds

YNET News - World - 2 months ago

Zelensky thanks 'every American,' sees 'turning point'

Ukrainian president addresses a joint Congress session, saying the money his country is set to receive from the U.S is not charity, but an 'investment in global security and democracy'

YNET News - World - 3 months ago

Russia launches major missile attack on Ukraine

Air Force spokesman says more than 60 missiles fired in biggest attack since Russian invasion; four major cities targeted and at least two reported killed; missiles target infrastructure as well as residential areas

YNET News - World - 3 months ago

Iran to supply Russia with ballistic missiles, report says

Washington Post, citing intelligence provided by U.S. ally, says delegation of Iranian officials visited Moscow to finalize shipment of Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar missiles, some seen to have Hebrew writing, saying 'Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth'

YNET News - World - 5 months ago

Activists speculate on Elon Musk's foreign influence after proposing Ukraine and Taiwan peace deals

Speculation about Elon Musk’s ties with Beijing and the Kremlin have been boiling on Twitter after the world's richest man proposed peace plans for the Ukraine-Russia and Taiwan-China conflicts.

Global Voices - Science - 5 months ago

Russia says truck bomb damages key bridge to Crimea

Explosion causing partial collapse prompt all road and rail traffic suspension making transport of supplies more difficult; Advisor to Ukraine president says everything illegal must be destroyed, everything stolen must be returned, but does not claim responsibility

YNET News - World - 5 months ago

Ukraine Invaded by Russia: Inside the War, the Refugee Crisis and the World's Reaction

Russia's invasion of Ukraine began Feb. 24. Since then, at least 24,000 people have been killed and at least 10 million people have been displaced.

Inside Edition - Top Stories - 11 months ago

Crypto Confronts the War in Ukraine

For the big trading platforms, the Russian invasion has turned borderlessness into a liability.

New York Magazine - Business - 1 year ago

In the Ukraine Conflict, Fake Fact-Checks Are Being Used to Spread Disinformation

Social media posts debunking purported Ukrainian disinformation are themselves fake. That doesn’t stop them from being featured on Russian state TV.

ProPublica - Technology - 1 year ago

A Partisan Combatant, a Remorseful Blogger: The Senate Staffer Behind the Attack on the Trump-Russia Investigation

Jason Foster, chief investigative counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, once blogged under the handle “Extremist,” expressing worry about a Muslim takeover and whether Joe McCarthy got a bum…

ProPublica - Politics - 1 year ago