Tuesday, May 21, 2024 2:50 AM ET

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Sony A7 IV review -- Kimberley Lane -- published -- Review -- With rumblings of the next-generation model on the horizon, is the Sony A7 IV still worth buying in 2024?

16 hours ago

Save $200 on the iPad Air M1, with the iPad Air M2 having just launched -- Lloyd Coombes -- published -- Deals -- The M1 iPad Air is heavily discounted, and does almost everything the latest model does.

19 hours ago

Bizarre device uses 'blind quantum computing' to let you access quantum computers from home - By - Peter Ray Allison - published - 17 May 24 - Quantum computers historically required massive amounts of space, but a new system will allow home users to access quantum computers via the cloud.

1 day ago

Scientists prove 'quantum theory' that could lead to ultrafast magnetic computing - By - Peter Ray Allison - published - 16 May 24 - Superfast magnetic memory devices are possible after scientists engineer way to use lasers to magnetize non-magnetic materials.

3 days ago

OpenAI unveils huge upgrade to ChatGPT that makes it more eerily human than ever - By - Ben Turner - published - 14 May 24 - ChatGPT's latest upgrade means the voice assistant can now respond to audio, text and visual inputs in real time. The new chatbot, named ChatGPT-4o, will be rolled out to alpha testers in the coming weeks.

3 days ago

'Quantum-inspired' laser computing is more effective than both supercomputing and quantum computing, startup claims - By - Owen Hughes - published - 14 May 24 - The desktop-sized LPU100 eschews traditional electronics and qubits in favor of lasers, and it can reportedly perform complex AI calculations in nanoseconds.

3 days ago

Best air purifiers 2024: Remove pet hair, smoke, dust and more -- Lou Mudge -- last updated -- BUYING GUIDE -- The ultimate roundup of the best air purifiers on the market - tried and tested by the Live Science team.

1 month ago

MIT gives AI the power to 'reason like humans' by creating hybrid architecture - By - Nicholas Fearn - published - 13 May 24 - MIT scientists devise three abstraction libraries that can be combined with AI systems to improve their reasoning and contextual awareness in programming, strategic planning and robotics.

5 days ago

James Webb telescope confirms there is something seriously wrong with our understanding of the universe

2 months ago

Massive study of 8,000 cats reveals which breeds live longest

7 days ago

China creates its largest ever quantum computing chip - and it could be key to building the nation's own 'quantum cloud'

4 days ago

James Webb telescope detects 1-of-a-kind atmosphere around 'Hell Planet' in distant star system

6 days ago

Some of the oldest stars in the universe found hiding near the Milky Way's edge - and they may not be alone

17 hours ago

Scientists finally solve mystery of why Europeans have less Neanderthal DNA than East Asians

19 hours ago

Does the Milky Way orbit anything?

19 hours ago

Newfound autoimmune syndrome tied to COVID-19 can trigger deadly lung scarring

19 hours ago

A new theory of quantum gravity could explain the biggest puzzle in cosmology, study suggests

19 hours ago

Black hole singularities defy physics. New research could finally do away with them.

14 hours ago