Tuesday, May 21, 2024 3:25 AM ET

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California Assembly passes bill allowing Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes

4 hours ago

UC academic workers' strike begins as pro-Palestinian activism enters new phase

5 hours ago

He came to L.A. 3 months ago with his young family. A ride on a Metro bus led to his death

6 hours ago

Scarlett Johansson also thinks OpenAI's new voice sounds like her. She's not happy about it

6 hours ago

Why Silicon Beach didn't live up to the hype as an L.A. tech powerhouse

15 hours ago

Opinion: AI and privacy rules meant for Big Tech could hurt small businesses most

21 hours ago

LA Times Today: Washed Out's new music video was created with AI. Is it a watershed moment for Sora?

3 days ago

Sony Music warns tech companies: Don't use our music to train your AI

3 days ago

How YouTube became must-see TV: Shorts, sports and Coachella livestreams

4 days ago

TikTok creators sue U.S. government in a bid to stop potential ban

5 days ago

Pro-Palestinian activists protest at Google developer conference amid Israel-Hamas war

6 days ago

LA Times Today: Is your smart device safe from hackers? New FCC program will label cybersecure technology

11 days ago

Randy Travis releases new music with the help of AI after a stroke

13 days ago

To find masked mob members who attacked UCLA camp, police are using Jan. 6 tactics

13 days ago

L.A. influencers, businesses live or die on TikTok's algorithm. Now they fear for the future

14 days ago

An AI-powered fighter jet took the Air Force's leader for a historic ride. What that means for war

17 days ago

Universal Music Group artists dancing back to TikTok after licensing dispute resolved

18 days ago

Meta now has an AI chatbot. Experts say get ready for more AI-powered social media

18 days ago

Washed Out's new music video was created with AI. Is it a watershed moment for Sora?

18 days ago

Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joins cryptocurrency company Coinbase as advisor

20 days ago

Will hackers, trolls and AI deepfakes upset the 2024 election?

20 days ago

Opinion: Americans might finally get a real privacy law to fight Big Tech intrusions

21 days ago

Betting on Trump to fail has made his stock shorters millions

24 days ago

The magical California state park that doesn't allow visitors

19 hours ago

CNN mourns death of political commentator Alice Stewart

1 day ago