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At ZAQS, our mission is to provide a comprehensive and customizable news aggregator platform for online news sources. We strive to offer a fast-loading website that presents a diverse range of perspectives and sources, without editorialization, in order to keep our users informed about current events around the world.

We carefully select our sources from newspaper publishers, popular internet-based media websites, and national and international news outlets, avoiding social media outlets, news aggregators, hard paywalls, and video-based websites. Our goal is to offer a diverse and entertaining mix of stories that covers breaking news from a variety of political perspectives and countries. We encourage our users to visit the original sources to read the full articles.

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of our platform, we utilize our own proprietary algorithms and spiders (not RSS feeds) to identify and categorize the top headlines and associated news articles. We are constantly expanding our source list, and our users can view the current status of our sources on the Status page.