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Mission is a customizable news aggregator of online news websites. Our mission is to provide a fast loading website that can show what is going on in the world right now, with multiple persepectives and sources, without editorialization, and to be a good portal for the discovery of new and interesting news websites.

News Sources

Our sources are newspaper publishers, popular internet-based media websites, and international news outlets, not social media outlets. We try to avoid news aggregators, hard-paywall, and video-based websites.

We are constantly adding sources. You can see all our sources on the Status page.

We use sources from different political ideologies and/or countries, mixed with mainstream sources so as to get an interesting entertaining mix of stories for breaking news. We encourage visitors to visit those websites to read the full articles.


ZAQS is fully automated using its own spiders and algorithims (not RSS feeds), that identifies the top stories and associated news articles.


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