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Woman reunited with missing dog 12 years later and 1,600km from home

United States News -ORLANDO (WASHINGTON POST) - Dutchess the fox terrier squeezed out the door at her owner's house in Orlando, Florida, one day in February 2007 and didn't return. A devastated

The Straits Times - World - 17 hours ago

I used my mutt as a DNA-test guinea pig

How much Chihuahua does Louie have in him? Does he have some rat terrier, too? Consumer DNA tests for dogs provide a lot of information, but they’re not definitive, and they raise questions.

Boston Globe - Business - 20 hours ago

Cracking down on service dog fraud

There’s an important difference between an “emotional support” dog and a “service dogs.” The law should be clear about which is which.

Boston Globe - Opinion - 2 days ago

How a dog can help you live a longer, happier, healthier life

A dog can be your best friend, but did you know your pet can also extend your life? Studies show that owning a dog helps lower your blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health.

South China Morning Post - Health - 3 days ago

Owning a dog could help you live longer, study finds

Owning a dog could help you live longer, a new study has found. Researchers found that dog owners were 24 per cent less likely to die over the next decade than non-dog owners, after analysing data

Evening Standard - Health - 4 days ago

Had a heart attack? Having a dog may help you live longer

Here's how your four-legged friend can help keep you healthy.

NBC News - Health - 6 days ago

Service dog Nala cuddles up to Donald Duck

A two-year-old service dog in Florida was given a treat for her hard work. Nala, a golden retriever, was taken to Disney World and given the chance to snuggle up to Donald Duck.

South China Morning Post - US News - 18 days ago

Woman Is Trampled By A Stampede Of 'Berserk' Herd Of Cattle While Walking Her Dog

An elderly woman in West Sussex, England has been trampled to death by a herd of cattle while out walking her dog. The Independent reported that Hillary Adair, 87, was knocked to the ground and ...

Inquisitr - Weird - 21 days ago

Constitution Green Dog Run: Park is a pup paradise in downtown Orlando

The newly renovated Constitution Green Dog Run in Orlando features one, large, fenced-in yard for all.

Orlando Sentinel - Entertainment - 1 month ago