Tuesday, October 26, 2021 11:51 PM ET


Wild Dog movie review

Nagarjuna's latest movie Wild Dog has released. Let's check out the movie review

Deccan Chronicle - Entertainment - 5 days ago

Robot dog Spot finds new work: Scanning worksites, sending results over 5G

Tech News News -SINGAPORE - After a stint at a park last year in which it reminded visitors on safe distancing, Spot the robot dog has a new assignment - helping to do laser scans of structures built

The Straits Times - Technology - 7 days ago

Dog-sized sea scorpions in south China were 'top predators': study

The creature was a large arthropod with a ‘sharp weapon’

Independent UK - Science - 7 days ago

Dog rides bus by herself every day to play in local park - then takes bus home again

IF you've ever been too scared to let your kids take the public bus by themselves, you might chan...

Irish Post - Weird - 12 days ago

Middle East -- Wandering dog is Istanbul commuters' best friend

In a packed Istanbul passenger ferry between Europe and Asia, all eyes turn to one commuter enjoying the view from his window.

Reuters - Weird - 20 days ago