Wednesday, September 23, 2020 11:07 PM ET

Sky News - Weird

Humpback whale escapes crocodile-infested river

2 days ago

Alpaca invades football pitch in West Yorkshire

3 days ago

120,000-year-old human footprints found in Saudi Arabia

5 days ago

Football team lose 37-0 after socially distancing from opponents

5 days ago

Man told snakeskin isn't a legitimate face covering - 'especially when still attached to the snake'

7 days ago

Lego is spending £310m to transform its bricks

8 days ago

Warning of 'floating ant mountains' in Texas

15 hours ago

Man rides horse on Chicago highway

1 day ago

US wildfires whip up huge dust devil

2 days ago

Daredevil paraglides bed over coastline

4 days ago

Phone stealing monkey films itself

7 days ago

Japanese military given instructions on UFOs

8 days ago

Florida city to lift ban on 'saggy pants' - 13 years after it was put in place

10 days ago

Kim Kardashian posts video to prove how many toes she has amid 'wild' theories

13 days ago

Mother reunited with baby after 'leaving pram' on Peckham tram

14 days ago

Art Attack's Neil Buchanan forced to deny he is Banksy after being 'inundated' with queries

16 days ago

Man blows up part of house while trying to swat fly

17 days ago

Amazon bans foreign seed sales in US after thousands receive mystery packages from China

17 days ago

Beer made with whale testicle and dung on display at 'disgusting' booze museum

19 days ago

World's oldest sperm found perfectly preserved after 100m years

7 days ago

Pilots report seeing 'guy in a jet pack' at 3,000ft above Los Angeles

21 days ago

Pythons crash-land into man's kitchen after fighting over mate

22 days ago

Trump hands out autograph: 'Sell this on eBay tonight, you'll get $10,000'

24 days ago

Meet the world's oldest couple - together they've lived 214 years

25 days ago

Can ewe believe it?! Bidders flock to auction for £367k sheep

26 days ago

Gandhi's glasses were found hanging halfway out of a letterbox. Now, they've sold for £260,000

1 month ago