Tuesday, March 28, 2023 5:25 AM ET

Sky News - Weird

Sniffing other people's sweat can help treat anxiety, study says

2 days ago

Premature triplets set world records after 'traumatic' birth

12 hours ago

What is nitrous oxide? What you need to know about laughing gas

1 day ago

Strangest supermarket delivery substitutions revealed in new study

2 days ago

Do some sounds make you angry? You may have misophonia

5 days ago

Jack Daniel's and dog toy firm go head to head in US Supreme Court over poop pun product

4 days ago

City tries to tackle 'little demon' cats

3 days ago

Watch deepest freedive under frozen lake

12 days ago

Police refloat 'cocaine submarine'

12 days ago

'Stolen' alligator is returned to zoo

20 days ago

Mysterious sphere appears on Japanese beach

1 month ago

'Terrified' cat survives five-mile trip under bonnet of car

5 days ago

What killed Beethoven? Genome sequencing of composer's hair finds likely cause

5 days ago

Mountain lion attacks man in hot tub

7 days ago

Woman sells home she's lived in for 102 years - which her family bought for £200

6 days ago

What is causing mass fish deaths in major Australian river?

10 days ago

Most parents think their kids do not vape - but that's not what the numbers say

7 days ago

Labrador retriever loses crown after 31 years as America's most popular dog

11 days ago

High caffeine levels 'may help people stay slim' - but should we be drinking more tea and coffee?

12 days ago

'Jaw-droppingly long': Dinosaur had longest neck ever seen in an animal, scientists say

12 days ago

Runner to complete London Marathon backwards

13 days ago

Man suing restaurant chain after claiming boneless wings are actually just chicken nuggets

13 days ago

Women in Berlin allowed to go topless in swimming pools

14 days ago

'It's a relief she's not laying in a ditch': Husband finds out wife who went missing 30 years ago is still alive

23 days ago

4,500-year-old chamber discovered in Great Pyramid - but specialists are puzzled over its function

25 days ago

Flamingos form friendship groups based on their personalities - study

25 days ago