Monday, May 25, 2020 6:04 PM ET

Sky News - Weird

Scientists went 'cuckoo' due to laughing gas from penguin poo

5 days ago

Newly released film offers final glimpse of extinct Tasmanian tiger

5 days ago

Football club 'sorry' after accidentally using sex dolls to replace fans

7 days ago

US military jet had encounter with 'silver UFO the size of suitcase'

11 days ago

Male or female dinosaurs? Scientists have made mistakes

13 days ago

Strip club offers drive-thru service during US lockdown

14 days ago

Kangaroos reclaim the streets in Australia

8 days ago

This motorised wheelbarrow can go up to 40mph!

12 days ago

Cops spotted chasing emu along Pennsylvania road

12 days ago

Sheep turns up after 7 years... gets fleeced for charity

22 days ago

'Daytime meteorite' spied over Netherlands

1 month ago

Five-year-old pulled over by cops on his way to buy a Lamborghini

20 days ago

Flamingos enjoy quieter roads and cleaner air in Mumbai

23 days ago

Three-year-old girl goes viral after handling large sheep like an expert

24 days ago

Sweden's smelly solution to stop beer-fuelled festival in park

25 days ago

Man wins $1m lottery prize twice in one day with the same numbers

26 days ago

Lock-in: Beer on tap and bar games for flatmates stuck in pub

26 days ago

$500K bet on 'rock, paper, scissors' written off by appeal court

29 days ago

Woman saved after breast implant deflected bullet away from her heart

1 month ago

Restaurant finds long-lost wedding ring during lockdown renovations

1 month ago

Man forced to isolate alone in ghost town with murderous past after being snowed in

1 month ago

Mannequins and cardboard cutouts replace fans at Taiwan baseball stadium

1 month ago

'I need more beer!!' - 93-year-old's Facebook appeal goes viral

1 month ago

How to keep your husband happy in lockdown posters condemned

1 month ago

Speeding driver broke lockdown to drive 120 miles for 'cheap bread'

1 month ago

Barbecued bat and roast dog: The animal markets dubbed 'pathogen cafes'

4 days ago