Tuesday, October 26, 2021 10:47 PM ET

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Contributors - Opinion - Canada should follow Australia's lead in battle against Google and Facebook - Australia's proactive efforts — by way of legislation or the threat of legislation — and the application of traditional common law principles by their courts, is forcing positive change among platforms such as Google and Facebook. Why is the rest of the world not following Australia's lead? 5 hrs ago

1 hour ago

Business -- Crave does away with $9.99 basic package, adds mobile-only streaming option instead

6 hours ago

Television -- Dave Chappelle books Toronto's Scotiabank Arena as Netflix controversy simmers

8 hours ago

The Street -- Facebook stock slides after trove of whistleblower papers released ahead of Q3 earnings

6 hours ago

Star Columnists -- Rosie DiManno: Truth Social is merely Donald Trump's latest attempt at seizing a bullhorn

1 day ago

Together: Changemaker -- GTA TikTok star is working to make science cool

1 day ago

Business -- Navneet Alang: Facebook wants to move to 'the metaverse' — here's what that is, and why you should be worried

1 day ago

Business -- Competition Bureau gets court order in case investigating Google's online advertising

4 days ago

Contributors - Opinion - Why blame social media for the behaviour of its toxic users? We're letting the people spreading hate off the hook - This is not to say that these platforms have no responsibility. But by focusing coverage on how, say, Instagram is damaging teens' self-confidence, we take the responsibility away from the users actually posting harmful content. 4 days ago

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