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George Laurer, Inventor of Ubiquitous UPC, Dies at 94

5 days ago

U.S. Flu Season Arrives Early, Driven by an Unexpected Virus

6 days ago

FDA OKs On-Site, One-Drop Blood Test

9 days ago

Some People Think Putting a Suitcase on the Bed is Disgusting. But is it Actually Dangerous?

9 days ago

Surprising First Results From NASA's Sun-Skimming Spacecraft

10 days ago

Shopping Season Brings Phishing Scam Surge Aimed at Small Business

10 days ago

How to Keep Rats at Bay

12 days ago

For Banks, Data on Your Spending Habits Could Be a Gold Mine

12 days ago

50 Children Killed by Measles in Samoa as Outbreak Worsens

12 days ago

U.K. Probes Google's Looker Purchase Over Competition Concerns

4 days ago

More Polio Cases Now Caused by Vaccine Than by Wild Virus

19 days ago

Apple Detectives Comb U.S. Northwest for 'Lost' Varieties

23 days ago

Google Reins In Political Advertising

24 days ago

Bombogenesis, Thundersnow and the Polar Vortex: Explaining What Your Favorite Winter Weather Terms Mean

24 days ago

U.S. Shelves Plan to Sharply Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes

24 days ago

U.S. Approves First Licenses for Tech Sales to Huawei

24 days ago

Butterfly on a Bomb Range: Endangered Species Act at Work

25 days ago

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple Push Back on House Tech Concerns

25 days ago

New and Old Drugs May Offer New Ways to Fight Heart Disease

26 days ago

Arizona's Tiny Desert Owl Has New Chance for Protection

27 days ago

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