Monday, November 18, 2019 11:13 AM ET

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As deadline nears, more than 500 Georgians have applied to replace Isakson in Senate

10 minutes ago

US officials knew of Ukraine's anxiety over pressure from Trump

10 minutes ago

Campus under siege as Hong Kong police battle protesters

10 minutes ago

US did not request five-fold increase for stationing troops in Japan, nation's defense minister says

7 hours ago

Power struggle over F-35 comes to a head as lawmaker threatens to hold up contract

19 hours ago

Trump suggests he may give written testimony in House probe

52 minutes ago

Tokyo police beef up warnings about 'rip-off bar' scams targeting foreigners as tourist numbers surge

13 hours ago

Episode 23: Wrapping up, a look at key issues, and farewell

1 month ago

US, South Korea postpone planned air drills in 'goodwill gesture' to North

1 day ago

25 years of driving without a license comes to a stop for German man at Spangdahlem gate

2 hours ago

North Korea says it won't give Trump a summit for free

6 hours ago

Judge says mass arrest of Marines accused of human smuggling, drug offenses was unlawful

2 days ago

'Black Hawk Down' veteran James McMahon dies at age 64

2 days ago

Trump issues at least two pardons to service members in war-crimes cases, despite Pentagon opposition

2 days ago

Allies seek reassurances after Trump's policy on Syria shifts

1 day ago

Trump tells North Korea's Kim that Biden isn't a 'rabid dog'

21 hours ago

Aide recounts actions tying Trump to delay in Ukraine funds

23 hours ago

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3 months ago

NEW | US Air Force November, 2019 supplemental list

10 days ago

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1 year ago

Military History: Stories, videos and timelines

1 year ago

Share photos of your hometown's war memorials

9 months ago

Time runs short as advocates seek state funeral for last living WWII Medal of Honor recipient

6 days ago

In-flight selfies and other reckless behavior by Marine aviators outrage Japanese officials

10 days ago

All Marines now allowed to carry umbrellas, ending longtime ban

10 days ago

China urges US to "stop flexing muscles" in South China Sea

5 hours ago

Venice's dwindling population faces mounting woes

7 hours ago

Yemeni government back in Aden under deal with separatists

1 hour ago

Grenades target military center, wound five in Afghan capital

1 hour ago

Afghanistan prisoner swap delayed, complicating efforts to restart talks with Taliban

22 hours ago

Libyan officials: Airstrike kills seven workers in Tripoli

3 hours ago

Group: Sudan crackdown may amount to crime against humanity

4 hours ago

Burkina Faso: 32 Islamic extremists killed, sex slaves freed

8 hours ago

Man on trial told police he shot disabled veteran in a panic

1 day ago

Twin brothers stick together through service

1 day ago

Air Force and Army veteran duo aim to restore WWII submarine

1 day ago

Hammond leads Air Force over Colorado State 38-21

1 day ago

Army closes home slate with 47-6 win over VMI

1 day ago

Buffalo Soldier and Olympic champion Harrison Dillard dies at 96

1 day ago