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The Second-Generation COVID Vaccines Are Coming

6 days ago

The 'Shared Psychosis' of Donald Trump and His Loyalists

14 days ago

Another Way to Protect against COVID beyond Masking and Social Distancing

4 days ago

Vaccines Need Not Completely Stop COVID Transmission to Curb the Pandemic

3 days ago

Forever Chemicals Are Widespread in U.S. Drinking Water

4 days ago

Should We Change COVID Vaccine Doses to Reach More People? What the Data Say

8 days ago

Ancient Galaxy Clusters Offer Clues about the Early Universe

1 day ago

Can Shocking Images Persuade Doubters of COVID's Dangers?

1 day ago

Some Ecological Damage from Trump's Rushed Border Wall Could Be Repaired

1 day ago

COVID Vaccine Rollout Pits Fairness against Speed

4 hours ago

Experimental Tests of Theology

3 hours ago

Earth Has Lost 28 Trillion Tons of Ice since the Mid-1990s

20 hours ago

A Step to Ease the Pandemic Mental Health Crisis

1 day ago

Farm Protests in India Are Writing the Green Revolution's Obituary

1 day ago

How We Can Deal with 'Pandemic Fatigue'

1 day ago

Profit and Loss: America on Dialysis

1 month ago

Kidney Dialysis Is a Booming Business-Is It Also a Rigged One?

1 month ago

For Black and Brown Kidney Patients, There Are Higher Hurdles to Care

1 month ago

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease, and How Might It Affect You?

13 days ago

The Lifesaving Potential of Less Than Perfect Donor Kidneys

1 month ago

Celebrate 175 Years of Discovery - A special collection of articles, interactive features, and curiosities from the archives to celebrate Scientific American's demisemiseptcentennial

5 months ago

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Shockingly Good at Sounding Human

1 month ago

The Future of Mars Exploration

1 month ago

Bumblebees' Self-Image Gets Them through Tight Spots

2 months ago

To Understand Gravity, Toss a Hard Drive into a Black Hole

2 months ago

Ancient Dogs Had Complex Genetic Histories

4 days ago

Bees Use 'Bullshit' Defense to Keep Giant Hornets at Bay

15 days ago

Humans May Have Befriended Wolves with Meat

18 days ago

How to Avoid Becoming a Meal for a Cheetah

20 days ago

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Shaped Our Language in 2020

24 days ago