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7 months ago

Backstage at the Kennedy Center Honors -- The Kennedy Center Honors paid tribute to icons in the arts. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid was backstage and spoke with some of the performers about the big night.

9 hours ago

Graham says House Dems "weaponizing" impeachment -- Republican Senator Lindsey Graham dismissed the impeachment probe against President Trump, calling it a crock."

9 hours ago

Death toll raised to 15 in volcano eruption -- New Zealand police officially identified the first victim in the White Island volcano eruption - a 21-year-old Australian woman. Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to 15. Danya Bacchus reports.

4 hours ago

Hostage survivors meet to talk and heal -- Six months after a gunman held more than 30 shoppers hostage at a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles, some of the survivors get together to talk and help each other heal. Listen as survivor MaryLinda Moss tells the group about a meaningful conversation she had with her daughter, Elise, after the incident.

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CBSN Bay Area -- Nov 18 -- CBSN Bay Area

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CBSN New York -- CBSN Local New York -- Nov 1, 2018 -- CBSN New York

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CBSN Los Angeles -- Jun 7 -- CBSN Los Angeles

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CBSN Minnesota -- Dec 12 -- CBSN Minnesota

1 day ago

CBS Weekend News - FBI reviewing digital evidence in Pensacola attack - The FBI now says it's investigating the Pensacola shooting rampage with the "presumption of terrorism." The gunman has been identified as 21-year old Mohammed Alshamrani. The FBI says the Saudi flight student used a handgun that was purchased legally. David Begnaud reports. Dec 9 - 02:52

8 hours ago

Evidence for impeaching Trump will be presented at public hearing -- Evidence for impeaching President Trump will be presented at a public hearing on Capitol Hill on Monday. The House Judiciary Committee chair says it's the "worst nightmare" of the Constitution's framers, while the president called it a "total hoax." Nikole Killion reports.

6 days ago

North Korea looking for ways to get U.S. concessions -- North Korea says it carried out another important test and warned it's looking for new ways to get concessions from the United States. President Trump tweeted that leader Kim Jong Un has far too much to lose if he acts in a hostile way. Roxana Saberi reports.

6 days ago

France government vowing to press ahead with reform -- The French government and President Emmanuel Macron is vowing to press ahead with its sweeping reform of the country's pension system. This has sparked outrage and new protests across the country. Elaine Cobbe reports from Paris.

6 days ago

Samoa measles case on the decline after vaccine law -- After a deadly measles outbreak in Samoa, the government there says nearly everyone who is eligible has now been vaccinated for the disease. At least 65 people have died since October, and 57 of them were children under the age of four. Carter Evans reports.

7 days ago

250,000 TONS OF PLASTIC "NURDLES" POLLUTE OUR OCEANS EVERY YEAR -- In North America, the problem is worst in the Gulf of Mexico.

13 hours ago

Old mental institutions are turning into apartments and hotels -- One of the most significant transformations is in a city in northern Michigan.

15 hours ago

Joe Burrow wins 2019 Heisman Trophy -- The LSU quarterback was considered the favorite heading into Saturday night.

5 hours ago

Newtown High School wins state title on Sandy Hook anniversary -- The win capped off a 13-0 season and gave Newtown High School its first state title since 1992.

4 hours ago

Giant cyclone the size of Texas discovered on Jupiter -- "These cyclones are new weather phenomena that have not been seen or predicted before," said Cheng Li, a Juno scientist.

11 hours ago

Buttigieg releases names of donor bundlers -- It's the latest in a series of disclosures from his campaign after increasing pressure from Senator Elizabeth Warren and others to be more transparent.

1 day ago

What Democratic primary voters are talking about in early-voting states -- Impeachment isn't coming up much at campaign events and town halls, CBS News campaign reporters tell Major Garrett on this week's episode of "The Takeout" podcast.

1 day ago

Democratic campaign arm launches digital battleground ads -- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending tens of thousands to try to counter millions in digital ad spending by GOP interests

2 days ago

2020 Daily Trail Markers: Dems react to Boris Johnson's big UK win -- New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg called it "a sort of catastrophic warning to the Democratic party."

1 day ago

Bloomberg gives $10 million to help endangered House Democrats -- His donation is aimed at shoring up vulnerable House Democrats being targeted by allies of President Trump over the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

3 days ago

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3 months ago

48 Hours - Live to Tell: Standoff at Trader Joe's - Hostages chillingly reveal the terrifying three hours they spent held captive by a gunman inside a California supermarket. CBS News' Jim Axelrod reports. 1H ago - 41:59

14 minutes ago

Sneak peek: Standoff at Trader Joe's -- "48 Hours" Live to Tell: Hostages chillingly reveal the terrifying three hours they spent held captive by a gunman inside a California supermarket. Correspondent Jim Axelrod reports Saturday, December 14 at 10:01 p.m. ET/9:01 p.m. C on CBS. -- Dec 13

1 hour ago

Trader Joe's gunman leads LAPD on high-speed chase before 2018 standoff -- Before gunman Gene Atkins held dozens of people hostage in a Silver Lake Trader Joe's store in July 2018, he shot his grandmother seven times, kidnapped his girlfriend and led police on a high-speed car chase throughout Los Angeles. -- Dec 11

4 hours ago

The Killing of Officer Green -- A California police officer shot dead in his home -- his ex-wife admits she pulled the trigger. Did a photo posted on social media lead to the officer's death? 48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports. -- Dec 8

4 hours ago

CBSN Originals - CBSN Originals: A better way to raise boys? Now that the #MeToo movement has brought conversations about toxic masculinity and sexual consent to the forefront of public discourse, parents are grappling with how to encourage their sons to reject some of the more traditional notions of manhood. But many say they struggle with reinforcing those values in a society that still largely adheres to deeply-rooted stereotypes. It raises the question: How do we raise our boys? Dec 9 - 23:31

4 days ago

Are Title IX guidelines working? -- Obama-era rules set tough new standards for how schools should handle cases of sexual misconduct on campus under Title IX. But some alleged victims say the investigations made matters worse, while many of the accused claim they're being denied due process. Now, the Trump administration has offered a new set of guidelines. Will that fix the problems?

9 days ago

How porn is affecting kids -- With smartphones and wireless internet, gaining access to pornography has never been easier for young people. But experts say early exposure to porn can "rewire" young people's brains, distort their views of sexual behavior, and even contribute to dating violence. Now, educators are trying to find ways to teach kids how to think critically about porn to help them foster healthier relationships.

23 days ago

Dating apps -- Dating apps offer seemingly endless potential matches at your fingertips, turning an intimate experience into something that feels more like a video game. But because users hide behind virtual profiles, it's easy to ghost, harass, and view others as non-human - and now that bots are populating these platforms, some actually are. As the industry continues to grow, some experts question whether dating app companies are really interested in helping people find love, or if they have an incentive to keep people in an endless cycle of searching and matching without any real connection.

29 days ago

Child marriage -- In most U.S. states, there are still laws on the books allowing children to get married. Advocates are working hard to change that, but they're running into some surprising opposition - on both sides of the political spectrum.

1 month ago

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3 months ago

Couple gives away hundreds of restored instruments -- Charlie and Dorothy Hale are in their 80s but are still passionate about restoring old instruments to their former glory.

1 day ago

Boy with cerebral palsy joins favorite basketball team -- "They cheer for him and make him feel like he's 1,200 feet tall. Like he's a giant," his mother said.

1 day ago

Man from refugee camp develops video game in search of peace -- Lual Mayen, now 25, escaped northern Uganda and developed Salaam, a game that focuses on survival and fleeing violence.

2 days ago

Virginia photographer offers families a priceless holiday gift -- It was an offer almost too good to be true.

2 days ago

Malls hold Santa Cares events for kids with autism -- Santa knows how to interact with kids who have autism - and he wants them to know he cares.

2 days ago

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