Wednesday, April 01, 2020 5:02 AM ET

CBS News - Science

SpaceX wins NASA moon program contract -- SpaceX's Dragon XL cargo ships will support NASA's Artemis moonwalkers and allow extended research.

4 days ago

Great Barrier Reef suffers another mass bleaching -- This is the third mass coral bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef in just five years.

5 days ago

Australian bushfire smoke killed more people than fires: Study -- Smoke from the fires caused 417 deaths and more than 4,400 hospitalizations.

11 days ago

Air pollution clearing due to coronavirus lockdowns -- Satellite images show strict lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus are also having an impact on the environment.

11 days ago

Nature up close: Allowing nature to tend to our souls -- "Sunday Morning" contributing videographer Judy Lehmberg offers a break from the virus

11 days ago

Coronavirus to stop astronaut's family from attending launch -- NASA astronaut​ Chris Cassidy is dealing with some unexpected changes as he prepares for launch next month.

12 days ago

Astronauts already in "quarantine bubble" as NASA adapts to virus -- Only "mission-essential" personnel are allowed to work at NASA field centers - everyone else must work from home.

13 days ago

Will coronavirus die off in summer? An expert weighs in -- Will warmer, more humid temperatures affect the spread of the virus? CBS News spoke to a top expert on infectious disease transmission about what we know and don't know.

13 days ago

Warmest winter on record gives way to extra-early signs of spring -- According to NOAA, the winter of 2019-2020 was the warmest on record across all continents north of the equator.

17 days ago

Astronomers discover scorching hot planet where it rains iron -- On one particularly hot planet, hundreds of light-years away from Earth, the forecast is cloudy with a chance of liquid iron rain.

17 days ago

"Flattening the curve": What it means for fighting coronavirus -- "Flattening the curve" graphs are being shared across social media - but what does it actually mean, and how do we do it?

18 days ago

Bears coming out of hibernation early due to climate change -- This could lead bears into confrontations with humans as they desperately search for food.

19 days ago

Astronomers discover a star shaped like a teardrop -- "I've been looking for a star like this for nearly 40 years and now we have finally found one," one astronomer said.

20 days ago

New bug species named after Lady Gaga -- This bug was "Born this Way."

21 days ago

Climate report warns "time is fast running out" to avoid worst -- The leader of the United Nations calls climate change "the defining challenge of our time."

21 days ago