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What's in a name? The 10 most common surnames in Japan (and their meanings)

7 months ago

Ken Shimura remembered for his huge contribution to the game Rock, Paper, Scissors in Japan

1 hour ago

Here's how to be a Shiba Inu's favorite person

2 hours ago

Japan now has a manga-style coronavirus awareness campaign

3 hours ago

Japanese Red Cross Society

3 hours ago

The sad story of the Japanese vending machine set to disappear at the end of the year

5 hours ago

Here's what happens when you mix 75 types of Japanese instant curry together【SoraKitchen】

13 hours ago

Learn how to cook staple Japanese dishes with actor Hiro Mizushima【Videos】

14 hours ago

Hideo Kojima's company closes office after employee confirmed infected with coronavirus

15 hours ago

Net user proposes clever changes to 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo in light of one-year delay

16 hours ago

Tokyo Olympics announces new start date following coronavirus postponement

17 hours ago

Ueno Park looks eerily deserted in the midst of the coronavirus 【Photos】

1 day ago

All aboard Tokyo's newest English-playable real escape game! We try Escape from the Runaway Train

1 day ago

Escape from the Runaway Train

1 day ago

Tokyo Mystery Circus

1 day ago

Japan to ban entry to foreign travelers from the U.S., China, most of Europe

1 day ago

Snow falls on sakura cherry blossoms in full bloom around Tokyo 【Photos & Videos】

1 day ago

Japanese comedian dies after coronavirus infection

1 day ago

Convenience store shopper panicked to find bread section empty, until finding out why

1 day ago

Protagonist of 'Crocodile Who Dies in 100 Days' passes away, gets revived through dedicated cafe

1 day ago

Crocodile Who Dies in 100 Days

1 day ago

How is Japan coping with telecommuting? Survey asks for the good and bad of working from home

2 days ago

With foreign visitor numbers to Nara Park plummeting, are the city's deer in danger of starving?

2 days ago

Japanese man accidentally creates 'educational art' with speakers and mahjong tiles

2 days ago


2 days ago

Nude Polish beauties posing with coffins (not a Halloween prank)【NSFW】

19 hours ago

Shakey's Japan releases Mojo Potato recipe to keep home cooks happy during coronavirus outbreak

6 days ago

Japan's most beautiful female college student, most handsome male college student crowned【Photos】

3 days ago

Where are all the beautiful women in Japan? Survey investigates

5 days ago

Japanese driver in traffic jam gets the worst possible vehicle stuck behind him【Video】

4 days ago

Japanese cat does a perfectly graceful acrobatic flip to escape from the perilous shower room【Video】

8 days ago

Japan's new hyper-realistic food model is specifically designed to get your coworkers to shut up

30 days ago

We try a traditional Tokyo dish of stewed loaches, encounter something we've never seen before

5 days ago

Godzilla constellation recognized by NASA as King of the Monsters claims a corner of space

6 days ago

Jason calls off Friday the 13th activities due to coronavirus

18 days ago

Japanese students hold graduation ceremony in Minecraft amid school cancellation

16 days ago

We order all four burgers from McDonald's Japan's Big Mac line and compare their…sizes

24 days ago

Thanks to the coronavirus over 450 manga volumes are now free to read online

23 days ago

Nara deer leave park, head to station for food as tourist numbers tumble due to coronavirus

18 days ago

What if One Piece was a girls' comic? Shojo manga artist produces character redesign【Pics】

14 days ago

Manga artist on scanlations: "I am not in a financial position to offer my work free-of-charge"

27 days ago

Japanese cosplayer unveils the truth behind girl gamers with these photos

19 days ago

Why did Hayao Miyazaki agree to release Studio Ghibli anime films on Netflix?

22 days ago

Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald's Japan

2 months ago

Japan goes beyond rice cookers with new curry rice cooker, the kitchen gadget we need right now

2 months ago

Japanese cosplay model shows off thighs, but fans' eyes are on her Nintendo 64 controller grip

2 months ago

Free 'Language Learning with Netflix' extension makes studying Japanese almost too easy

2 months ago

Japan's one-person bento box-sized rice cooker can give you freshly cooked rice at the office

1 month ago

Studio Ghibli suddenly makes 38 albums of anime music available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more

1 month ago

My Hero Academia creator, publisher make official apologies for controversial character name

1 month ago

Can you solve this crazy difficult, super satisfying math puzzle from a Japanese middle schooler?

1 month ago

【Thursday Throwback】We Make Oreo Rice to Celebrate Oreo's 100th Birthday, "Tastes Like Tiramisu in Risotto Form"

18 hours ago