Wednesday, February 26, 2020 8:01 PM ET

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A Hindu Nationalist Mob Torched This Man's House and Trashed the Mosque Next Door

7 hours ago

Is Your Soul Patch Putting You at Risk During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

2 hours ago

Multiple People Killed in Milwaukee Brewery Mass Shooting

1 hour ago

Trump's Going After the New York Times With the Lawyer Who Destroyed Gawker Media

2 hours ago

It Took 120 Years But the U.S. Just Made Lynching a Federal Hate Crime -- Only four members of the House voted against the bill.

2 hours ago

The FBI Just Arrested a Bunch of Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Members -- It's the biggest bust of the notorious group ever.

2 hours ago

The First Legal Safe Injection Site in the U.S. Is Set to Open Next Week. Here's Why That Matters. -- A judge ruled that the site would not violate federal drug laws, over the objections of the Trump administration.

3 hours ago

Former Atomwaffen Leader Nicknamed 'Rape' Has Been Arrested​ -- He allegedly participated in a swatting campaign targeting politicians, journalists, and a historically black church.

5 hours ago

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8 days ago

Taking an Uber or Lyft Might Be Worse for the Environment Than Just Driving -- The reason: "deadheading," the miles that ride-sharing drivers travel between trips with passengers.

5 hours ago

Democrats Are Freaking Out That Bernie Could Cost Them the House -- None of the 42 members in the seats that House Democrats have on their "Frontline" program for vulnerable incumbents have endorsed Sanders.

7 hours ago

These Botanists Are Searching for Endangered Plants With Drones — Then Scaling Cliffs to Save Them -- Meet Hawaii's Indiana Joneses of rare plant conservation.

7 hours ago

It's Unclear Why Democrats Were Asked About Their Personal Mottos, But We Ranked Them Anyway -- An authoritative ranking of the answers to the dumbest question the candidates got on Tuesday night.

7 hours ago

The Coronavirus Is Starting to Hit the U.S. Military -- A 23-year-old soldier and a military spouse, both in South Korea, are infected with Covid-19.

8 hours ago

Democrats Make One Last Big Pitch to Black Voters -- Or, at least, try to convince them not to vote for the other guys.

9 hours ago

Bernie and Bloomberg Battle Over Whose Weed Plan Is the Dankest -- Bloomberg is starting to come around on weed.

10 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren Accused Bloomberg of Telling a Pregnant Employee to 'Kill It' -- The audience booed.

11 hours ago