Saturday, May 08, 2021 6:42 AM ET

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'He'll be breathing out of his mouth for a while': Bellator star Michael Page FLATTENS rival's nose with face kick (VIDEO)

1 hour ago

'I'm not scared of you MMA b*tches': Female boxer Shields hailed a 'savage' by McGregor as she eyes mixed martial arts greatness

13 hours ago

'This is crazy': Shocking scenes as UFC fighter struggles to stand, needs help to leave weigh-in before fight is canceled (VIDEO)

15 hours ago

Balkan brawler Julija Pajic has nose broken in brutal 51-second loss as fighter's dream of $1MN MMA prize takes a beating (VIDEO)

14 hours ago

'He tapped': UFC legend Werdum stunned by bizarre KO defeat after claiming he was showing mercy by letting opponent escape (VIDEO)

16 hours ago

US chain challenged over freedom of speech after coffee shop owner is canceled for taking aim at NBA's LeBron James on Facebook

18 hours ago

Professional golfer Bowling arrested for 'sexting and proposing to meet up with undercover detective posing as 15yo girl'

21 hours ago

Pardon of Eden? Real Madrid star Hazard apologizes for Chelsea fiasco as goalkeeper Courtois' father slams 'unprofessional' joking

21 hours ago

Basketball star threatens Olympic boycott over 'lack of diversity' in team pics – then calls out Indigenous athlete for 'fake tan'

22 hours ago

Bolsonaro greets jailed driver of ex-Spartak Moscow star Fernando with hug at Rio airport after thanking Putin for release (VIDEO)

23 hours ago

'It's sad': UFC's McGregor tells Mayweather to 'f*ck off' and taunts boxing great over money after 'embarrassing' Jake Paul scrap

1 day ago

After another nonsensical week in boxing, a proper fight is finally about to happen – Canelo & Saunders could redeem the rubbish

14 hours ago

'It will DESTROY women's sports': Tennessee governor Bill Lee wades into transgender athletes row

2 months ago

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2 months ago

With trans weightlifter set to make history at the Olympics, elite women athletes are right to feel cheated and insulted

12 hours ago

From lions to pussies: The English FA has scored a spectacular own goal by making its famed three lions crest go woke

12 hours ago

If Sam Smith's new tattoo of a boy in stilettos and underwear is what 'non-binary gender' means, then I want nothing to do with it

7 days ago

Flying, meat, pets... now having CHILDREN is a climate crime, green activists imply

7 days ago