Friday, July 10, 2020 1:54 AM ET

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8 months ago

Trump's taxes may be released to grand jury, supreme court rules – as it happened

5 hours ago

Biden unveils $700bn 'buy American' proposal to revive US industry

8 hours ago

Fauci says states with surging Covid-19 cases should pause reopening efforts

10 hours ago

Some Republican senators to skip national convention due to pandemic

13 hours ago

Drivers target Black Lives Matter protesters in 'horrifying' spate of attacks

19 hours ago

Televangelists take a slice as churches accept billions in US coronavirus aid

19 hours ago

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8 months ago

The supreme court just struck a huge blow to Trump's belief that he's above the law

13 hours ago

America's international students are facing deportation. This is a disaster

22 hours ago

Trump's Mount Rushmore speech was a grim preview of his re-election strategy

1 day ago

Kanye West for president – bring it on!

2 days ago

'Unbelievably unfair': thousands of Americans face having votes rejected in election

1 day ago

Inside the 'dysfunctional family' that gave us Trump, according to his niece

1 day ago

'It's a deliberate strategy': Trump uses civil war as culture war in bid to beat Biden

2 days ago

Libertarian 2020 candidate appears on podcast tied to 'boogaloo' movement

3 days ago

Swing states may be up for grabs as Covid-19 hits Republican strongholds

3 days ago

White House says US is 'a leader' in fighting coronavirus, despite rising infections – video

3 days ago

Donald Trump vows to defeat 'radical left' in 4 July speech – video

4 days ago

Donald Trump says US 'under siege from far-left fascism' in Mount Rushmore speech – video

5 days ago

Trump declares US economy is 'roaring back', despite record Covid-19 cases – video

7 days ago

Why is coronavirus still surging in the US? – video explainer

7 days ago

White House: 'Dissenting opinions' from intelligence community on Russian bounty reports – video

10 days ago

Azar says 'window closing' to halt US coronavirus spread as Pence urges people to wear masks – video

11 days ago

Republican congressman Louie Gohmert repeatedly bangs on desk during House hearing on Barr – video

15 days ago

Trump calls coronavirus 'kung flu' and says he slowed testing – video

19 days ago

'Protesters will make America great': Al Sharpton condemns Trump at Juneteenth celebration – video

20 days ago