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4 years ago

Consider This from NPR

13 days ago

The U.S. election results will reverberate around the world

3 hours ago

The Supreme Court leaves a Trump-era offshore tax in place on investors

5 hours ago

6 things Trump says at his rallies and what they really mean

12 hours ago

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2 years ago

A data tool being used to challenge voter registrations is raising many concerns

10 hours ago

Are Biden's immigration moves at odds? Homeland Security chief says they can coexist

1 day ago

Vice presidents can make or break a candidate. Here's how Trump is choosing

4 hours ago

In 2023, a mass shooter attacked The Covenant School, a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, and three mothers were compelled to act. Their mission: help pass some kind of gun control in one of the reddest states in the country, a state where the Republican Party has a supermajority in the legislature. But these women aren't your typical gun control activists. They're lifelong conservatives, believers in the Second Amendment and – at first – sure that their own party will understand their concerns. In episode 1 of Supermajority from NPR's Embedded, host Meribah Knight follows the women as they enter the state capitol for the first time in their adult lives. Will these political newcomers get what they came for? And what happens if they challenge those in power to do it? To listen to this series sponsor-free and support NPR, sign up for Embedded+ in Apple Podcasts or at

13 hours ago

A Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint on the night of Biden's L.A. fundraiser

2 days ago

Judy Garland's hometown hopes a good witch will help purchase Dorothy's ruby slippers

2 days ago

Biden vs. Trump remains close, so next week's debate offers them an opportunity

2 days ago

National security experts warn that extreme weather threatens elections this year

2 days ago

Uber and Lyft are fighting minimum wage laws. But in this state, the drivers won

3 days ago

Half of U.S. military bases in the country are in 'health care deserts'

3 days ago

A retired federal judge says Judge Cannon appears to show 'favoritism' toward Trump

3 days ago

Introducing Supermajority from NPR and WPLN

3 days ago

It's easy to believe young voters could back Trump at young conservative conference

4 days ago

Trump challenges Biden to cognitive test, but confuses name of doctor who tested him

4 days ago

Biden says the next president may get to name two Supreme Court justices

4 days ago

Voters must dive into murky legal waters around 'contempt of Congress' fracas

5 days ago

When a Trump rally T-shirt is more than just a shirt

4 days ago

Money laundering charges raise questions about the direction of The Epoch Times

5 days ago

Could the U.K. election mean an off-ramp from personality politics?

6 days ago

A major disinformation research team's future is uncertain after political attacks

6 days ago

What the Supreme Court decision on bump stocks could mean for guns in the U.S.

5 days ago