Friday, April 10, 2020 3:23 PM ET

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Trump Keeps Talking. Some Republicans Don't Like What They're Hearing.

17 hours ago

Does Vote-by-Mail Favor Democrats? No. It's a False Argument by Trump.

4 hours ago

New Trump Attack Ad Falsely Suggests Former Governor Is Chinese

4 hours ago

Inside Wisconsin's Election Mess: Thousands of Missing or Nullified Ballots

17 hours ago

Times -- Video -- 'They Didn't Know How Unified New Yorkers Can Be,' Cuomo Says -- Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo provided the state's latest statistics on the spread of coronavirus, and discussed ways New York City might approach reopening. -- Reuters

2 hours ago

Poll Watch -- Trust in Trump's Virus Response Is Falling. What Does It Mean for November? -- Polls suggest that faith in the president to handle the outbreak has slipped among some crucial voting blocs in the general election. -- Giovanni Russonello

8 hours ago

News Quiz: Coronavirus, Jobs, Thomas Modly -- Did you follow the headlines this week? -- Compiled by -- Chris Stanford, Will Dudding -- Anna Schaverien

11 hours ago

Barr Defends Trump's Dismissal of Intelligence Watchdog -- The president's political enemies could face prosecution, Attorney General William P. Barr said in an interview on Fox News. -- Katie Benner

12 hours ago

On Politics -- Iowa Was Meaningless -- We spent a lot of time covering the candidates' ups and downs in Iowa. Almost none of it mattered. -- Reid J. Epstein

8 hours ago

U.S. Intelligence Contractors Say Virus Relief Funding Rules Fall Short -- Contractors complain that guidelines released by the intelligence community are much stricter than the Pentagon's — and it's not always clear which set applies. -- Julian E. Barnes

19 hours ago

With a Face Mask Photo, Melania Trump Highlights Her Husband's Reluctance to Wear One -- The first lady's encouragement of Americans to wear face masks was all the more striking because it contrasted with her husband's mixed messages on the subject: "I don't see it for myself," President Trump has said. -- Katie Rogers

19 hours ago

Enlisted Late, Online Lenders Still Must Wait to Help Speed Up Stimulus -- The government wants to get loans to small businesses fast. But the lenders with the most experience with this have been unable to take part. -- By -- David McCabe -- Nathaniel Popper

21 hours ago

In Ohio, the Amish Take On the Coronavirus -- A famously traditional community has mobilized to help hospitals with medical supplies, even as it struggles with reconciling its communal way of life with the dictates of social distancing. -- Elizabeth Williamson

18 hours ago

Latest Question for Supreme Court: How to Rule on a Crowded Docket During a Pandemic -- The question confronts Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. with choices that will invariably be seen as political. -- Adam Liptak

22 hours ago

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