Monday, September 16, 2019 12:46 PM ET

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Houthi Forces in Yemen Warn of More Attacks on Saudi Oil Systems

1 hour ago

Israel's Do-Over Election: Déjà Vu or a Chance for Change?

5 hours ago

Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Juncker Hold Crucial Brexit Talks

4 hours ago

Spain Rejects U.S. Request to Extradite Ex-Venezuelan Spy Chief

1 hour ago

Saudi Oil Attack Photos Implicate Iran, U.S. Says; Trump Hints at Military Action

16 hours ago

For Afghans Scarred by War, 'Peace Can't Bring My Love Back'

6 hours ago

In 1967, Hong Kong's Protesters Were Communist Sympathizers

6 hours ago

Iran Rules Out Meeting Between Trump and Rouhani

2 hours ago

What Chinese Students Abroad Really Think About Hong Kong's Protests

5 hours ago

A Rebel French Poet Draws New Followers to the Hometown He Hated

9 hours ago

Here Comes the Bride. And the Bride. And the Bride. Mass Weddings Boom in Lebanon.

1 day ago

French Housing Project, Once a Symbol of the Future, Is Now a Tale of the Past

5 days ago

It's Horses vs. Motors in Senegal. The Steeds Still Win on Many Roads.

6 days ago

Hong Kong Was Once Passionate About China. Now, It's Indifferent or Contemptuous.

13 days ago

Massacred at Home, in Misery Abroad, 730,000 Rohingya Are Mired in Hopelessness

24 days ago

Thailand's Roads Are Deadly. Especially if You're Poor.

28 days ago

A Runaway Train Explosion Killed 47, but Deadly Cargo Still Rides the Rails

1 month ago

On Hong Kong Handover Anniversary, Many Fear Loss of Freedoms

2 months ago

An Overloaded Ferry Flipped and Drowned Hundreds of Schoolchildren. Could It Happen Again?

1 month ago

In Blow to Taiwan, Solomon Islands Is Said to Switch Relations to China -- The move, which Taiwan denounced as bribery by Beijing, is a setback to both Taipei's global standing and Washington's regional diplomacy in the Pacific. -- Chris Horton

1 hour ago

Student Arrested During Hong Kong Protests Had a Butter Knife, University Says -- Classmates marched through campus and broke doors to protest the detention. His school said he had been carrying the implement to cut cake for a festival. -- Raymond Zhong, Katherine Li -- Ezra Cheung

2 hours ago

86 Tigers From Notorious Thai Temple Died in Government Custody -- The tigers were among 147 seized from the temple zoo in 2016 because of concern over close contact with tourists and illegal trading in tiger parts. -- Ryn Jirenuwat -- Richard C. Paddock

3 hours ago

Iran, Purdue Pharma, Ric Ocasek: Your Monday Briefing -- Here's what you need to know. -- Chris Stanford

5 hours ago

Iran, Notre-Dame, David Cameron: Your Monday Briefing -- Here's what you need to know. -- Melina Delkic

11 hours ago

Toronto Raptors Introduce Branded Hijabs -- The hijabs were inspired by a group based in Toronto that promotes Muslim women in sports. -- Mariel Padilla

16 hours ago

Tunisia Votes for a President as It Struggles to Build Democracy -- Its economy is lagging and there are threats to its security, but Tunisia still managed to hold a free presidential election. That makes it a regional anomaly. -- Ben Hubbard

10 hours ago

Moroccan Journalist on Trial for an Abortion She Says She Never Had -- The arrests of a young reporter and her fiancé have set off outrage in Morocco, where they are seen by many as an example of the government persecuting critical journalists. -- Aida Alami

17 hours ago