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The burning anger and violent protests that have erupted in the USA after the murder of black man George Floyd

1 day ago

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1 year ago

SpaceX and NASA successfully launch two astronauts into space

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How traffic in space and 'orbital mechanics' delayed SpaceX and NASA launch until Saturday

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Twitter hides Donald Trump tweet for 'glorifying violence' amid large-scale riots

3 days ago

America's coronavirus death toll has hit 100,000

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NASA calls off SpaceX launch over bad weather

5 days ago

Pakistan plane crash: Jet with more than 100 people onboard crashes in residential area

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The stark images inside French schools as pupils return to classes separated and wearing masks

13 days ago

Donald Trump says he is taking malaria drug that has potentially fatal side effects to protect himself against coronavirus

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Reopening schools in 22 EU countries has not led to a rise in cases yet

14 days ago

The truly depressing warning from the World Health Organisation about how long coronavirus could remain a massive problem

18 days ago

Coronavirus can live in poo for 33 days after someone has had the disease

21 days ago

Seven high-profile people who disregarded social distancing measures and got caught

26 days ago

British Airways set to lay off 12,000 workers

1 month ago

Couple slammed over newborn baby's name which hospital staff thought was a joke

1 month ago

Donald Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as possible coronavirus treatment

1 month ago

Las Vegas mayor offers up city as coronavirus control group so casinos and hotels can reopen

1 month ago

The striking images from around the world of coronavirus' devastating grip on the planet

1 month ago

At least 16 people killed in Canada's deadliest shooting attack in history

1 month ago

How other countries are beginning to exit their lockdowns

1 month ago

Brian Dennehy dies: Dynasty and Cocoon actor was 81

1 month ago

Number of people with coronavirus who have died around the world passes 100,000

1 month ago

The story behind the mass grave photograph that has shocked the world

1 month ago

France stabbing: Two killed in knife attack in city of Lyon

1 month ago