Sunday, March 29, 2020 12:20 PM ET

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Up to 200K deaths foreseen in U.S. as Spain, Italy demand help

52 minutes ago

Eight people, including 1 Canadian, killed in plane fire at Manila airport

52 minutes ago

WATCH LIVE: Cabinet Ministers give COVID-19 briefing

52 minutes ago

Trudeau announces new funding to support children, seniors

52 minutes ago

New domestic restrictions, police checkpoints across Canada

5 hours ago

India's Modi apologizes for lockdown he calls 'harsh' but necessary

4 hours ago

North Korea fires missiles into sea, criticized by South

16 hours ago

Mafia could be big winner in coronavirus-ravaged Italy

3 hours ago

Brazil's Bolsonaro, who has called COVID-19 'a little flu,' makes life-or-death gamble

18 hours ago

Passengers transferred from virus-hit Zaandam cruise ship off Panama

2 hours ago

U.S. agency includes gun sellers on list of critical infrastructure

5 hours ago

Virus prevention measures turn violent in parts of Africa

1 day ago

New York may be weeks away from reaching a peak in coronavirus cases

1 day ago

Trump: No quarantine, but travel advisory for NY, CT and NJ

16 hours ago

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2 months ago

LIVE NOW: Ongoing coverage of COVID-19 from CTV News Channel

2 days ago

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau says she has 'clear bill of health'

15 hours ago

Hundreds of Canadians stuck on cruise ship off Panama coast

13 hours ago

CTV's Sandie Rinaldo from self-isolation after trip abroad

13 hours ago

Aerial video shows an empty Toronto under COVID-19 measures

20 hours ago

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1 year ago

People are snitching on their neighbours over COVID-19 concerns

18 hours ago