Monday, October 03, 2022 5:01 AM ET

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Families grieve as focus turns to police role in stadium disaster

1 hour ago

'I can still hear voices screaming,' says fan at Malang stadium disaster

11 hours ago

British PM forced into U-turn on tax cut for the rich

3 hours ago

'Lesbian spring break': Dinah Shore festival shines in a dark time for women

15 hours ago

Widodo orders investigation into security after 125 football fans killed at top-flight match

22 hours ago

Hurricane Ian toll passes 50 as Florida struggles to recover

1 day ago

World's most important power shift? No, it's not the British monarchy

4 days ago

Post-Brexit Britain, land of my birth, is unrecognisable

5 days ago

Right or left tentacled? Octopuses use a favoured limb to hunt

2 hours ago

From the Archives, 1957: Cold War intensifies as Russia launches Sputnik

8 hours ago

We've got weights in fish

10 hours ago

Fishing contest rocked after weights found in winning catches

12 hours ago

Think things are bad for Truss now? They may well get worse

6 hours ago

Russia has annexed more of Ukraine. What does that mean and what happens now?

9 hours ago

MPs warned against tax cut rebellion as Truss concedes 'communication mistakes'

10 hours ago

Russia hits Zelensky's home town with suicide drones as Ukraine takes full control of strategic city

15 hours ago

Retailer ordered to 'destroy' its golden bunnies in win for Lindt

1 day ago

'It's illegal but it's not against God': Inside Sri Lanka's people smuggling game

1 day ago

North Korea fires fourth round of missile tests after US-South Korea military drills

2 days ago

Bolsonaro survives, takes Lula to a runoff for Brazilian presidency

7 hours ago

Islamic State women and children to be returned to Australia from Syrian camps

1 day ago

What to know about Brazil's heated presidential election

2 days ago

Army officers appear on TV to declare a new coup in Burkina Faso

2 days ago

Blast at Kabul education centre kills 19

2 days ago

Iran protests continue despite heavy crackdowns

2 days ago

'Did you clean your phone?': The question that could be life or death for Iranian protesters

2 days ago