Tuesday, May 21, 2024 3:02 AM ET

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The ICC has disgraced itself

1 hour ago

Tiny British territory in row with US after arresting American holidaymakers

6 hours ago

Biden condemns 'outrageous' attempt to seek arrest warrant for Netanyahu

13 hours ago

Iran blames Western sanctions for fatal crash of US helicopter carrying Ebrahim Raisi

12 hours ago

Donald Trump biopic to include scene in which he rapes first wife Ivana

12 hours ago

Iranian president and foreign minister killed in helicopter crash

20 hours ago

If anyone should be paying slavery reparations, it's West Africa

13 hours ago

Gove: Surge in anti-Semitism not unlike rise of Nazis

53 minutes ago

BBC's Gaza coverage has sunk to new lows

53 minutes ago

Labour backs ICC efforts to arrest Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes

9 hours ago

Migrating eagles are avoiding war-torn Ukraine

14 hours ago

Ukraine power company appeals for British help after Russia wipes out coal plants

14 hours ago

Sadiq Khan 'snubs' talks on sending non-Ulez compliant cars to Ukraine

23 hours ago

Slovak PM 'no longer in danger' after assassination attempt

1 day ago

United States - Read more

1 year ago

Will Donald Trump face a single trial before November?

2 months ago

When is the US election? Everything you need to know about the 2024 race

2 months ago

Who will win the US election? Our expert predictions shift as hush money trial begins

27 days ago

All the Republican and Democrat candidates in the 2024 US election

8 months ago

Venice's tourist tax scheme has 'resoundingly failed'

14 hours ago

Slovakia gunman 'may not have been lone wolf' in assassination attempt

19 hours ago

French forces launch 'major operation' to recapture New Caledonia airport road from rioters

1 day ago

Israel says 'it wasn't us' after Iranian president killed in helicopter crash

18 hours ago

Watch: Boeing makes emergency landing after engine fire

4 days ago

Thailand increasingly unsafe for foreign activists fleeing persecution, warns report

4 days ago

Why Thai farmers are launching gunpowder propelled homemade rockets

6 days ago

Australians topple statue of colonial governor

5 days ago

Australian police hunt former Home and Away star accused of attacking woman

26 days ago

Australian woman dies after drinking suspected toxic mushroom infusion

1 month ago

Briton among ringleaders of failed Congo coup, say military officials

14 hours ago

Inside the Sudanese city besieged by rebels

22 hours ago

Jacob Zuma's new MK party vows to win in South Africa elections

1 day ago

These indigenous women were forcibly sterilised in Peru – decades later they still seek justice

6 days ago

Watch: Police use jet skis as crime rises in flooded southern Brazil

7 days ago

Colombian military 'loses' 5m bullets and 37 anti-tank missiles

19 days ago

Inside the gleaming developments that made Hamas a $1bn terror group

6 months ago

How El Salvador loves its 'cool dictator' who shut down the gangs – but at the cost of human rights

3 months ago

'I just prayed they wouldn't be killed': Families of the Hamas hostages share their stories

5 months ago

Biden is denying reality – he's losing this election

14 hours ago