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Tennessee school board bans Pulitzer-winning graphic novel about Holocaust over 'rough, objectionable language'

"It has the breath of autocracy and fascism about it," said 'Maus' author Art Spiegleman.

New York Daily News - Politics - 1 hour ago

Book about Holocaust banned in Tennessee school district

ATHENS, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee school district has voted to ban a Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel about the Holocaust due to “inappropriate language" and an illustration of a nude woman, …

Bay to Bay News - US News - 1 hour ago

Maus author hits out after 'Orwellian' school district ban

The McMinn County School board in Tennessee voted 10-0 to ban the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel

Independent UK - US News - 7 hours ago

16 books removed from Polk County school libraries after conservative group complains

Top officials from Polk County schools drove from school to school this week to physically remove 16 titles from library shelves after a conservative group complained they're pornographic.

Orlando Sentinel - Politics - 3 hours ago

'The Fallout' gets underneath the terror felt during school shootings

Jenna Ortega brings a vivid energy to writer-director Megan Park's debut film.

San Francisco Chronicle - Top Stories - 5 hours ago

Ex-Redwood High student files lawsuit alleging school covered up abuse

Jane Doe, now 38, alleges that her former teacher at the Marin County school raped her...

San Francisco Chronicle - Top Stories - 6 hours ago

Column: California is headed for another bruising vaccine fight. Newsom should embrace a school mandate

If California can reduce severe illness among children from COVID-19 by requiring vaccinations in order to attend public or private schools, why not? columnist George Skelton asks.

Los Angeles Times - Politics - 6 hours ago

Tennessee school board bans Holocaust comic 'Maus,' baffling author Spiegelman

'Maus' author Art Spiegelman spoke to CNBC after a school board in Tennessee voted to ban his landmark graphic novel about the Nazis' persecution of Jews.

CNBC - US News - 8 hours ago

US school board bans teaching of Holocaust novel

The board in Tennessee objected to swear words and depictions of nude mice in the graphic novel Maus.

BBC News - World - 8 hours ago

School mask wars reach boiling point as districts threaten suspensions

The fight over school mask mandates greatly escalated in several localities this week, most notably in Virginia and New York, where an executive order in the former made masks optional and a judge's decision in the latter made them at least temporarily mandatory for students.

Washington Examiner - Health - 8 hours ago

Michael Levitt -- Why the vital need for Holocaust education still exists

The Holocaust must forever be a constant warning to all of us of the danger of hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice and where it can lead.

Toronto Star - Opinion - 9 hours ago

Navy track and field athlete Katie Halbert sets three school records in four hours

Katie Halbert had never set a school record during her Navy track and field career. The senior captain broke through in a big way last Friday, setting two school records and tying a third during the Wesley Brown Invitational.

The Baltimore Sun - Top Stories - 10 hours ago

Return to school rules a chance to foster the altruism we all need

A pandemic needs people to be selfless and the return-to-school COVID safety measures provide a perfect opportunity for children to learn to be altruistic.

Sydney Morning Herald - Opinion - 11 hours ago

'Let's go Brandon': Loudoun County father famous for school board rant announces bid for Congress

A Virginia parent who went viral last year over an impassioned speech he made to the Loudoun County school board announced a run for Congress on cable news Wednesday.

Washington Examiner - Politics - 17 hours ago

Amid driver shortage, CPS board calls for special ed students to get busing over magnet school kids

Bus services for magnet and selective enrollment students could be canceled in early March if the district is unable to resolve problems that have plagued the school system since August.

Chicago Sun-Times - Politics - 20 hours ago

Westside charter school sued over COVID vaccine mandate, part of a growing legal strategy

New West Charter is among the latest to face legal pushback against a vaccine mandate. L.A. Unified and San Diego Unified are also facing litigation.

Los Angeles Times - Top Stories - 22 hours ago

Husband of a Baltimore Police lieutenant was on the phone with his son in college when fatally shot Tuesday, family says

James Blue was fatally shot outside a home in the 1400 block Walker Ave. in Northeast Baltimore Tuesday afternoon.

The Baltimore Sun - Top Stories - 22 hours ago

California man accused of coughing on kids, ranting against masks near middle school

The alleged incident occurred last week in La Crescenta, which is part of Los Angeles County.

New York Daily News - US News - 1 day ago

Washington School for Deaf students embrace lessons from the tooth fairy

Kids typically get paid a visit from the tooth fairy in the nighttime, right?

The Columbian - Health - 1 day ago

Pennsylvania parents respond to school board member op-ed: 'If he doesn't work for us, who does he work for?'

Pennsylvania parents react to York Suburban School District board member Richard Robinson op-ed arguing he doesn't work for taxpayers.

Fox News - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Netflix's latest Korean drama mixes high school and zombie apocalypse

Hoping to follow the success of “Squid Game,” “All of Us Are Dead” is well executed, even when it feels more like an exercise than an organic creation.

San Francisco Chronicle - Top Stories - 1 day ago

Caroline Flack's dance school focuses on wellbeing

Mental healthcare is a priority at Body Work in Cambridge, where the TV presenter was a student.

BBC News - Entertainment - 1 day ago

Parents' fury over school closures is righteous, but misdirected

With so many parents saying they're doing worse now than they were at the start of the pandemic, it's not surprising that the debate about who is responsible is getting ugly, writes Kara Alaimo, who argues American women and Democrats are the last groups who should be taking the blame. It's time we all instead turn our attention to those who are actually at fault, she says.

CNN - Opinion - 1 day ago

SAT college admissions exam, no longer required by many schools, to go digital

U.S. high school students will use laptops rather than pencils and paper to take the SAT college admissions exam beginning in 2024, in a move to digit...

Peninsula Qatar - US News - 2 days ago

Wiley: A comfortable education is dangerous. Challenge kids...

The current push to challenge books — because they center the experiences of LGBTQ...

Houston Chronicle - Opinion - 2 days ago

First Look -- Supreme Court to hear challenge to race-based college admissions -- The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld race-conscious admissions since the 1970s. Now, it takes up a challenge to two lawsuits alleging Harvard University and the University of North Carolina intentionally discriminated against Asian American applicants.

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld race-conscious admissions since the 1970s. Now, it takes up a challenge to two lawsuits alleging Harvard University and the University of North Carolina intentionally discriminated against Asian American applicants.

Christian Science Monitor - US News - 2 days ago

Critical race theory fears prompt Osceola schools to cancel teacher training

A Flagler College history professor is upset his workshop was canceled for fear he would discuss critical race theory.

Orlando Sentinel - Politics - 2 days ago

Rooftop Revelations: Pastor Brooks shares the lesson he learned from Thomas Sowell on school choice

Pastor Corey Brooks reflects on the lesson he learned from Thomas Sowell and why he advocates so strongly for school choice

Fox News - Opinion - 2 days ago

A lost generation: fears long-running school closures will harm children around the world

Draconian Covid lockdowns mean many children have missed out on large chunks of education and many will never return to school

Telegraph UK - World - 2 days ago

Seven Virginia School Boards File Lawsuit Against Glenn Youngkin's Mask Order

The school boards, representing more than 350,000 students, are seeking to block an executive order allowing parents to opt out of school mask mandates.

Newsweek - Health - 2 days ago

Speak Up: Delaware school districts warn virtual learning could become necessary due to COVID surge

Local school districts say they are committed to in-person learning during the latest COVID-19 surge but have alternative plans at the ready in case a shift to virtual learning is needed due to staff …

Bay to Bay News - Opinion - 2 days ago

More than 70 San Diego school employees to be fired for not getting COVID-19 vaccine

The 73 employees represent less than 1% of the San Diego Unified School District's workforce.

Los Angeles Times - Health - 2 days ago

Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge race admissions, affirmative action in college admissions

President Biden’s Justice Department unsuccessfully urged the court not to hear the case, especially since the nation’s highest court has repeatedly approved affirmative action in the past.

New York Daily News - Politics - 3 days ago

Rooftop Revelations: How are people who block school choice any different from George Wallace?

Pastor Corey Brooks questioned those who oppose school choice as a way to improve what he considers a failure of the U.S. education system

Fox News - Opinion - 3 days ago

Toxic PCBs Festered at This Public School for Eight Years as Students and Teachers Grew Sicker

The EPA and others warned about potential contamination as far back as 2014. But Washington state law does not require schools or health departments to act on those findings.

ProPublica - Top Stories - 4 days ago

Done right, online learning could be answer to our education needs

Education has been slow to adopt technology that can dramatically improve instruction and allow students to learn any time, anywhere, at their own pace. That must change.

Boston Globe - Opinion - 4 days ago

Charlestown High has set a pathway to college

The Globe celebrates the idea of early-college programming. As it happens, Charlestown High already has three Early College and Career Pathways, in partnership with Bunker Hill Community College.

Boston Globe - Opinion - 5 days ago

SEBI Launches Mobile App 'Saa₹thi' For Investor Education

Amid the growing trend of stock trading through mobiles, capital markets regulator SEBI on Wednesday launched its mobile app -- Saa₹thi --to create awareness among investors about the basic concepts of securities market.

NDTV - Business - 8 days ago

Choosing 'junk' over facts, Miami school forces vaccinated students to stay home for 30 days

Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, is forcing vaccinated students to stay home for 30 days after getting the shot to avoid "vaccine shedding," a false claim that has been completely debunked by the CDC. Brandy Zadrozny reports.

NBC News - Science - 8 days ago

Florida education scandal reveals conflicts, money-grubbing for tax dollars | Commentary

Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran acknowledged “gross negligence” by the two top officials who resigned in the conflict-of-interest scandal. But he claims they both have “great hearts”

Orlando Sentinel - Opinion - 9 days ago

School Closures Were a Catastrophe. Progressives Still Haven't Reckoned With It.

If you don’t diagnose your error, you might repeat it.

New York Magazine - Politics - 10 days ago

As Baltimore City school leaders propose permanently closing 4 more schools, activists and others speak out

Faith leaders and activists oppose the plans to close four public schools as early as this summer, saying they are important anchors in struggling communities.

The Baltimore Sun - Entertainment - 16 days ago

How each conference has done in college football's bowl...

The SEC is below .500 in bowl games, but it also is guaranteed to be home to the national...

Houston Chronicle - Top Stories - 25 days ago

Successful Irish brothers deliver iPad to every national school in their home county

GALWAY brothers Luke, Brian and Billy Comer have thrown their weight behind a community project i...

Irish Post - Business - 1 month ago

Heartbroken Irish boy who failed to get into Music college stuns all with viral street performance

WE THINK a certain Irish Music college is going to be regretting losing out on this student...A ...

Irish Post - Weird - 2 months ago