Tuesday, March 28, 2023 5:07 AM ET

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Russia test-fires anti-ship missiles in the Sea of Japan, hitting mock target

1 minute ago

How immune are we? Why answering this question is essential for post-pandemic life

7 days ago

Virginia teacher shot by 6-year-old: 'I thought I had died'

6 days ago

What does it mean to be a 'cowboy'? This festival shakes up the myth, one performance at a time

14 hours ago

The U.S. and China are clashing over TikTok. Here's everything you should know

3 days ago

How drag queen story hour became a battle over gender, sexuality and kids

1 month ago

News Analysis: Israel's protests, Netanyahu and the crisis his government unleashed

9 hours ago

When it comes to preventing COVID-19 deaths, 'how we feel about each other matters'

19 hours ago

In Trump probe, key witness returns, no indictment vote yet

7 hours ago

Walter Cole, world's oldest drag queen as Darcelle XV, dies at 92

10 hours ago

At least 16 people killed in landslide in central Ecuador

11 hours ago

Biden immigration plan could force asylum officers to break law, union warns

11 hours ago

N.Y. to pay $5.5 million to man exonerated in writer Alice Sebold rape case

12 hours ago

3 children, 3 staffers killed in shooting at Nashville church school; female shooter also dead

12 hours ago

Fugees' Pras Michel is entangled in a campaign-finance case. His trial begins today

13 hours ago

Swastikas, bullhorns, guns: Antisemitic incidents in U.S. hit 43-year high, report says

4 days ago

Will the people of Bucha, Ukraine, find justice?

10 days ago

News Analysis: Renewed Saudi-Iranian ties, brokered by China, force new calculations in Mideast

12 days ago

The latest epicenter for anti-police protests: 'Cop City' in Atlanta

10 days ago

The coronavirus has infected New York City's rats. Why that's bad news for people

17 days ago

Amid mounting security tensions, Mexico's president says fentanyl is a U.S. issue

18 days ago

Photos: Nashville church school shooting, 3 children, 3 staff killed

13 hours ago

Supreme Court to decide if government can prosecute someone for 'encouraging' illegal immigration

11 hours ago

'Rust' shooting prosecution against Alec Baldwin faces another setback

14 hours ago

Mississippi tornado victims wonder, 'How can we rebuild?'

8 hours ago

Opinion: The fall of Benjamin Netanyahu

14 hours ago

Police seek motive as Nashville school shooting captures the attention of a divided nation

6 hours ago

Netanyahu delays controversial judicial overhaul after mass protests in Israel

14 hours ago

Zelensky meets with U.N. atomic agency chief over Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant fears

17 hours ago

Scotland gets its first leader of color as Humza Yousaf is elected new ruling party chief

19 hours ago

Bodies of all 7 victims of Pennsylvania chocolate factory explosion have been found

20 hours ago

Russia launches a new campaign to try to entice men to fight in Ukraine

21 hours ago

The Colorado River is overused and shrinking. Inside the crisis transforming the Southwest

1 month ago

The war in Ukraine

3 months ago

Putin and Xi call each other a 'dear friend.' But their main common cause is the U.S.

6 days ago

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin on alleged Ukraine war crimes

10 days ago

'Global California' series

3 months ago

L.A. film crews descend on far-flung parts of Europe. Get the celery juice smoothies ready

8 months ago

California food is taking over Europe's restaurant scene. And it's not just avocado toast

9 months ago

'The World They Inherit' series

3 months ago

The young are at the forefront of a perilous global migration surge

1 year ago

They were born after U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq. Now they face a bleak future

1 year ago

'In China's Shadow' series

3 months ago

An Australian student denounced his university's ties to China. Then he became a target

1 year ago

The most important company you've never heard of is being dragged into the U.S.-China rivalry

1 year ago

After Florida school uproar, Italy extends an invitation to parents and students to view Michelangelo's 'David'

1 day ago