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Artificial Intelligence powered by Google helps French officials tax over 20,000 undeclared pools

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Russian chess robot breaks child's finger during Moscow match

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Todd Ricketts on why he founded 'Freespoke'

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US Army fires Javelin anti-tank missiles from robots in key tech test

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NASA DART mission to test-crash spacecraft into asteroid

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Kurt the CyberGuy's tips for preparing for weather disasters

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Hidden trackers invade your browser — how to delete them

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Los Angeles Unified School District hackers release data after ransom demand denied

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Republicans push DOJ to investigate cyberattacks against Christian, pro-life websites

4 days ago


22 days ago

US citizenship systems vulnerable to 'major' malicious cyberattacks, Homeland Security watchdog finds

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John O'Hurley takes a gamble on a new tech tool that proves you're human

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Actor John O'Hurley takes a big gamble on a new tech tool that proves you're human

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Google smarts: 5 ways to get more out of Gmail, Maps, Calendar, and Docs

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Facebook whistleblower launches nonprofit to address harms created by social media

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How to get Fox News headlines on your iPhone lock screen

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Freespoke offers alternative to Google with emphasis on free speech: 'Our whole society is under attack'

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Big Tech hawk spearheads antitrust package in Congress aimed at reining in 'goliath' firms' prowess

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Congress should try to stop China, not undermine American tech innovators

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Sen. Johnson demands YouTube answer for 'repeated censorship' on COVID, conservative viewpoints

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Vivek Ramaswamy breaks down the 'quiet quitting' phenomenon

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