Tuesday, March 28, 2023 4:40 AM ET

CBS News - Politics

Senate staffer stabbed over weekend suffered punctured lung, police say -- Phil Todd, a staffer for Senator Rand Paul, also suffered a laceration to his left ear that police said might require reconstruction.

5 hours ago

California lawmakers approve nation's first penalty for gas price gouging -- The Democratic-led state Legislature voted to give regulators the power to punish oil companies profiting from the type of high gas prices suffered by Californians last summer.

9 hours ago

Covering collapse of SVB could cost $20 billion, FDIC chair to tell Congress -- About $18 billion was needed to cover uninsured deposits, according to FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg.

11 hours ago

Biden signs order restricting government use of commercial spyware -- The U.S. government will restrict its use of commercial spyware tools that have been used to surveil human rights activists, journalists and dissidents around the world.

15 hours ago

What to know as Kamala Harris kicks off her 3-nation Africa tour -- Harris opened her visit in Ghana, announcing $100 million in support for a handful of nations to address security, governance and development issues.

16 hours ago

Ex-Fox News producer claims "impermissible coaching" by Fox lawyers -- Abby Grossberg was terminated by Fox News on Friday, days after she filed a pair of lawsuits against the network.

16 hours ago

Supreme Court to hear lawsuit involving disability activist -- The Supreme Court will decide whether a disabled activist can file disability rights lawsuits against hotels she doesn't intend to visit.

16 hours ago

Manhattan grand jury investigating Trump hears from key witness -- Grand jurors investigating the former president's role in a "hush money" payment met Monday and heard from Trump ally David Pecker, sources said.

11 hours ago

New abortion provider to open near West Virginia in post-Roe "abortion desert" -- A new Maryland abortion provider is opening close to conservative West Virginia, where the state recently passed a near-total abortion ban.

17 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren announces Senate reelection bid -- Warren was first elected in 2012 and will be on the ballot again in November 2024.

20 hours ago