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In Pictures: Pepe frog and protest pig - Hongkongers bring internet memes to life at protest

by Su Xinqi Among the sea of faces on Hong Kong’s streets on Sunday were than one hundred people wearing quirky over-sized animal masks — a band of activists bringing popular protest internet memes to life. Hong Kong’s democracy movement is largely leaderless and organised on. LIHKG, a local -like web forum that serves as […]

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In Pictures: Thousands of Hongkongers demand halt to use of tear gas after over 10,000 rounds fired

Thousands of Hongkongers gathered in Central on Friday evening to demand the authorities halt the widespread use of tear gas in the densely populated city. Around 20,000 people attended the rally at Edinburgh Place, according to organisers. Demonstrators displayed placards saying “Stop tear gas” and held up their mobile phone flashlights as they chanted their […]

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'Freedom of speech is in the present tense': Protests send Hongkongers to Taiwan in search of new lives

by Amber Wang, with Yan Zhao Protests that have paralysed Hong Kong for nearly six months are pushing residents to seek new lives abroad, with many turning to nearby democratic Taiwan to escape the uncertainty at home. Taiwan has long attracted Hong Kongers seeking an alternative to their city’s frenetic pace and sky-high rents. Embed from Getty Images But the […]

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The least an expat Hongkonger can do in the city's summer of protest? Empathise

The on-going protests have made it abundantly clear that millions of Hongkongers believe their political autonomy and civil liberties are necessary parts of their future. Hong Kong folks come in many stripes: locals and non-locals of varying, complex, and sometimes overlapping identities. One can be “local” and hold than one passport or have spent […]

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Hongkongers protest at NBA game in New York

Dozens of Hongkongers rallied in New York’s Madison Square Garden ahead of an NBA preseason game between the Washington Wizards and the New York Knicks. They stood in support of Daryl…

South China Morning Post - US News - 2 months ago

Video: Hongkongers boo national anthem during World Cup qualifier against Iran

By Talek Harris Hong Kong fans booed their own national anthem and sang in protest against Beijing’s rule as months of political unrest spilled onto the football pitch in a 2-0 World Cup qualifying defeat to Iran on Tuesday.  Ear-splitting booing all but drowned out “March of the Volunteers”, the anthem the semi-autonomous territory shares with […]

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