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World Baseball Classic final: Japan defeats USA

5 days ago

Voices - Understanding history of gender-affirming care may help guide policy - March 27 (UPI) -- It's been nearly 60 years since the first transgender medical clinic opened in the U.S. Understanding the history of these treatments in the U.S. can be a helpful guide for citizens and legislators.

19 hours ago

Public radio could fill local news gaps

19 hours ago

Rate hike signals Fed's cautious confidence in U.S. banks

3 days ago

No more Iraqs? Don't count on it

4 days ago

China could be harvesting TikTok data, but much of it is already out there -- The social media app TikTok has been a focus for concerns that the Chinese government could access data on individual users. Whether the app poses a security risk remains unclear.

19 hours ago

20 years on, George W. Bush's promise of democracy in Iraq falls short -- U.S. President George W. Bush and his administration put forward a variety of reasons to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

3 days ago

Healthy nation, safe nation: Build health security into national security -- The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a need for a more robust health security paradigm within the broader national security context.

4 days ago

Artificial intelligence isn't close to becoming sentient -- ChatGPT and similar large language models can produce compelling, humanlike answers to an endless array of questions.

5 days ago

U.S. needs a more rational approach to China threat -- As the House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party begins its work, addressing the threat posed by China has garnered strong bipartisan support.

6 days ago

Interest rate, liquidity risk caused SVB, Signature Bank to fail so fast -- Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failed with enormous speed -- so quickly that they could be textbook cases of classic bank runs, in which too many depositors withdraw their funds from a bank at the same time.

7 days ago

MAGA supporters demonize China, transgender people at CPAC -- The five biggest demons at CPAC: China's Communist Party, border criminals -- including Mexican drug cartels and undocumented immigrants, "radical left Marxists" and the ideologies of "wokism" and "transgenderism."

10 days ago

Jimmy Carter's African legacy: peacemaker, negotiator, defender of rights -- When historians praise Jimmy Carter's achievements as U.S. president and extol his exemplary post-presidential years, they often overlook his achievements in Africa. This is a serious oversight.

11 days ago

Battle over Bakhmut exposes Russia's fault lines in Ukraine -- The current focus of the Russian-Ukrainian war centers on Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

12 days ago

Ideas, imagination, innovation needed in Dis-United State of Amerca -- How did the United States of America become the Dis-United State of Amerca, the "i" purposely deleted? One answer is both part cause and partial solution.

13 days ago

Poisoning of Iranian students may be new front in war on girls' education -- Recent media attention has drawn global focus on an escalating number of Iranian schoolgirls falling ill over the past few months because of suspected chemical attacks.

14 days ago

Russia gets shrugs in India; outrage over Ukraine war isn't universal -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made headlines over the weekend when his claim the Ukraine war was "launched against" Russia provoked laughter from the audience during a forum in India.

17 days ago

Secrecy creep: U.S. hampers safety by overdoing classified documents -- The United States faces far more threats to its national security than from spy balloons or classified documents discovered in former and current presidents' homes.

18 days ago

Israel is facing twin existential crises with judiciary 'reform,' Palestinian conflict -- Israel is facing one of the most serious crises in its history. It could be the biggest test yet for Benjamin Netanyahu, just months after he resurrected his political career by returning to the prime minister's office.

19 days ago

U.S. isn't prepared for Russia, China challenges of 2023 -- Thomas Hobbes asserted that without government, life would be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short." But, ironically, even with government, similar terms still might apply today.

20 days ago

As 2024 nears, Florida's Ron DeSantis looms large over Greg Abbott in Texas -- Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott often appear to be locked in an unspoken ideological arms race, enacting policies and backing bills that push both states further to the right

21 days ago

Relocated elk return to Utah golf course one week later

11 hours ago

Suspect identified in Nashville school shooting that killed 3 children, 3 staff

9 hours ago

Trump alleges 'election interference' as NY grand jury continues hush-money probe

4 hours ago

Sen. Elizabeth Warren announces bid for third term

5 hours ago

Disney to start laying off 7,000 employees this week

58 minutes ago