Wednesday, April 01, 2020 4:23 AM ET

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Voices - Catholic church, tech firms join call for transparency in AI - March 31 (UPI) -- The Catholic Church joined with technology companies last month to release the "Rome Call for AI Ethics" in what it hopes will lend meaning if not governance frameworks for the use of artificial intelligence.

20 hours ago

Stupidity, incompetence add to coronavirus danger in Iran

20 hours ago

Privacy vs. pandemic: Cellphone tracking could help contain coronavirus

1 day ago

Non-violence key to Sudanese people's improbable revolution

4 days ago

Coronavirus is a war we can't afford to lose -- "War" has been declared against the coronavirus. But waging war against any inanimate entity is inherently risky. Consider how wars against poverty, crime, drugs and terror fared.

20 hours ago

Iran's economy in free fall as corrupt mullahs deny people virus protection -- The Iranian economy is plummeting. Spiraling inflation and a collapsing currency have combined with the coronavirus crisis to bring the country to a virtual standstill.

1 day ago

Business leaders need to show courage during these difficult times -- A job is more than a paycheck. And everybody who works hard deserves to be trained. In this moment, we need leaders to lean in more than ever.

4 days ago

Iraq is a failed state under the Iranian jackboot -- The rocket attack on March 11 that killed a young Scottish medic -- Lance Cpl. Brodie Gillon -- and two Americans in Iraq has raised once more the specter of resurgent Iranian aggression in the region.

5 days ago

Migrants at U.S.-Mexico border must get past cartels before journey ends -- One in four migrants who traveled across Mexico between 2009 and 2015 suffered physical violence, ranging from street assaults and beatings with wooden boards by cartel enforcers to extortion at gunpoint.

6 days ago

Donald Trump, federal gov't, Bernie Sanders are viral failures -- Three viruses of a political nature will have long-term impact on the U.S.: the failure of the federal government to govern, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and President Donald Trump.

7 days ago

It's time for the Fed to 'show us the money' -- The Federal Reserve is 0 for 2 in its fight against Wall Street's coronavirus panic, seeming to confirm perceptions of the central bank's impotence.

8 days ago

Scientists find burnt, starving koalas weeks after the bushfires -- The plight of koalas during the recent bushfire crisis made headlines here and abroad. But the emergency for our wildlife is not over.

11 days ago

Nowruz will not be a happy new year for Iranians -- In normal years, Iranians around the world would be preparing to celebrate the ancient ceremony of Nowruz (Norouz), the Persian New Year.

12 days ago

Presidential candidates need a plan for small businesses -- Democrats and Republicans alike are responsible for our economy. And yet they disagree on what is most important in this moment.

13 days ago

Coronavirus outbreak calls for greater global cooperation -- COVID-19 looms as a Damoclean sword that could slice either way come the November presidential elections. The social consequences might be even greater. And virtually every government around the world is ill-prepared.

14 days ago

I was in China doing research when I saw my Uighur friends disappear -- Recently leaked Chinese government documents reveal how local officials targeted Muslim minorities in China.

15 days ago

U.S. can't do much to fight recession amid coronavirus outbreak -- Investors, policymakers, businesses and the general public are increasingly concerned the coronavirus' rapid spread will lead to a recession.

18 days ago

To tackle corrupt Russian money, U.S. should look closer to home -- One of the most difficult questions for the U.S. its democratic allies has been how to tackle criminal malign activities by governments and businesses originating in unfriendly and corrupt regimes.

19 days ago

There's no easy exit for the United States in Afghanistan -- The U.S. approach of negotiating withdrawal in Afghanistan first and initiating a peace process later is unheard of and has never been tested in the contemporary peace process.

20 days ago

Iranian regime hides truth about coronavirus -- The regime of mullahs knew that coronavirus was in Iran but covered it up and did not make any announcements to warn the people.

21 days ago

White House experts project up to 200,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths

4 hours ago

U.S. citizen dies in CBP custody at border

14 hours ago

North Korea missile images raise questions about authenticity

6 hours ago

Florida sheriff seeks to reopen 'Tiger King' cold case

19 hours ago

Amazon, Whole Foods workers walk out over coronavirus disputes

7 hours ago