Monday, May 25, 2020 5:03 PM ET

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Opera al fresco: How a Seattle singer shares his gift during COVID-19 -- Seattle Opera tenor Stephen Wall's at-home concerts are one more example of artists getting creative to share their gifts amid COVID-19 lockdowns.

6 hours ago

Pandemic, in park: Viewers pull up to drive-ins again -- Drive-ins are experiencing a resurgence, as the pandemic fuels nostalgia and owners see opportunities to go beyond just double features.

4 days ago

A close-knit culture, with separation at its core (video) Social distancing? The coronavirus made it a thing. But for amateur radio operators it has long been the basis of a convivial drive to connect.

4 days ago

In a Word - Animal noises sound different in other languages - Animals vocalize more or less the same way, whether they're in France or America – so why do they "speak" so differently in human languages?

4 days ago

Home theater: A feast for foodies and film fans -- The Monitor's film critic suggests that movies featuring feasts – and interesting characters – can offer comfort to people stuck at home.

5 days ago

A books network in Zimbabwe is now a front-line virus response -- Monitor readers still supply books, but now the group has found new purpose in helping communities prepare for the coronavirus pandemic.

5 days ago

Creativity: Artists find it both abundant and scarce during crisis -- Artists are finding ways to invigorate their work and creativity by branching out and adapting to changed circumstances.

5 days ago

First Look -- Art for water? How a Picasso raffle will bring water to Africa. -- Christie's auction house plans to sell a Picasso painting to raise money to provide villagers in three African countries with water. An art dealer says, Picasso would approve. "He wanted to be helpful to everybody."

4 days ago

Tired of Netflix? Museums and theaters bring the arts home. -- As arts organizations figure out next steps amid pandemic closures, some are finding creative ways to embrace fans and newcomers alike.

5 days ago

In a Word -- Cute canines on the web inspire DoggoLingo -- This "language" is characterized by simple phrases and inventive spellings (smol for "small," bork for "bark"). For example: "Pupperino did a blep!"

5 days ago

Home theater: Comedies to lighten your lockdown -- Comedy films featuring Dustin Hoffman, Albert Brooks, and the Marx Brothers take you to a better place and keep you there.

11 days ago

Two crises, two gardens -- In World War II Britain, my grandmother's garden was a refuge – as is mine today during the coronavirus pandemic.

12 days ago

Culture Cafe -- Club Quarantine and beat battles: How black musicians raise spirits, money -- The coronavirus has disproportionately affected African Americans. One way to cope: the vital connection provided by black music and artists.

13 days ago

The Explainer -- When can I go see a movie? Hollywood and theaters ponder what's next. -- As coronavirus restrictions ease, Hollywood and theater owners are weighing when to distribute movies and the timing on gathering indoors in groups.

17 days ago