Thursday, June 08, 2023 12:27 AM ET

The Mercury News - Technology

Spirit Airlines launches first flights out of San Jose

7 hours ago

Moderna, Pfizer sued over technology developed by Scripps researchers that made COVID-19 vaccine possible

9 hours ago

ChatGPT's responses to suicide, addiction, sexual assault crises raise questions in new study

11 hours ago

Elizabeth Holmes cries through first prison visit with husband, parents: report

12 hours ago

Genentech to move manufacturing facility out of Vacaville

12 hours ago

Caltech researchers show power can be wirelessly transmitted in space; the implications are huge

14 hours ago

'I've never seen anything like this:' One of China's most popular apps has the ability to spy on its users, say experts

2 months ago

Grim milestone appears for Bay Area tech layoffs

6 days ago

Facebook owner Meta details plans to chop 1,100-plus Bay Area jobs

5 days ago

Live-work spaces are eyed at prominent downtown San Jose complex

8 days ago

Opinion: Downtown San Francisco had a good run. Can it recover?

13 days ago

Apple enters the VR headset field with a $3500 offering

2 days ago

Meta asks office workers to return to in-person work

5 days ago

Bipartisan bill to make Big Tech pay publishers for news advances despite Meta threat

6 days ago

Facebook threatens to pull news content in California if bill to pay publishers passes

6 days ago

I tried Apple's new headset. Here's what it's like to use

1 day ago

Apple WWDC: Biggest product launch in nearly a decade

2 days ago

Cupertino retail center is sold by Silicon Valley real estate giant

5 days ago

Mirage unique sculpture goes on display at Apple Park in Cupertino

7 days ago

Move to electric vehicles could save nearly 90,000 lives in US by 2050, study says

16 hours ago

Twitter's lawyers refute Elon Musk claims about 'Twitter Files'

20 hours ago

All Tesla Model 3s now eligible for full $7,500 tax credit

1 day ago

The easiest way to get a $7,500 tax credit for an electric vehicle? Consider leasing.

8 days ago